10-Year Girl Hangs Herself After Allegedly Being Bullied at School

July 5, 201323 Comments

North Carolina authorities are investigating the death of a 10-year-old girl who hanged herself in her bedroom after allegedly being bullied at school.

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  1. Aricka Woodson says:

    stop bullying speak up I got bullied I made a cuicide note and I felt hanging my self but I felt how my family felt if I did that and im 10 years old im so sorry

  2. Arianna Neighbors says:

    lol. the guy(or whoever) that said this girl is stupid or somethin’ I don’t remember.

  3. Arianna Neighbors says:


  4. pugsmylove122 says:

    Omg im 10.. O: D:!

  5. pugsmylove122 says:

    Omg and she was so purty :c why

  6. Alex Santiago says:

    :c poor girl

  7. Miisa Verno says:

    She was so pretty ;((

  8. rose bardosz says:

    Suicide with 10 years?!? :O

  9. Silas M. Umber says:

    you gotta think, she was trying to keep sanity so she could at least SPEAK CLEARLY while on camera.

  10. stevetext777 says:


  11. sara slavin says:

    she was so beutufull

  12. DeodorantSniffer says:

    How does she know how to hang her self?

  13. Grace Watson says:

    Rip Jasmine… Sorry you had to go through all that.

  14. Kayla Saunders says:

    You’d be surprised how much kids know these days..

  15. column flaherty says:

    Its a shock when someone as young as a 10 year old. was driven to do something like this. you bullies who done this. your the ones that killed her. YES YOU

  16. jack shapere says:

    I guessed he was bullied because her mom’s a fat white slut but her dad is an ape.So,her slut mom caused it anyway.

  17. Kayleigh Jacobs says:

    your a bully jack

  18. charlesmonsoon says:

    This girl is a fucking pussy. You don’t kill yourself when you’re getting called poop-face on the fucking playground. Stop feeling bad for her.

  19. Nia Douglas says:

    charlesmonsoon and jack shapere are conseeded ass holes just think wat U would do if u was in her shoes………EXACTLY HUSHMODE(i rest my case)

  20. fezzywezzygals says:

    You have a cold heart. What if you were the one being bullied? Wouldn’t you have commited suicide? As Kitabonjaro said, Your a weak coward.

  21. taylor fontenot says:

    first thing you need to realize. she was 10. second. she was probably not being called poop head. she was probably called really mean stuff. and she may have been called poop head. but still. she’s probably been bullied so much that it got to her. third thing you need to realize she KILLED her self. fourth thing. you are probably one of her bullies. so now who’s the pussy

  22. paulina herrera says:

    I agree with you it is so sad I allmost did that to me and a got all kinds of bullied

  23. Jonathan Edwards says:


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