9 yr Old Bullying Toddlers At Daycare

February 18, 201425 Comments

9-year-old caught bullying toddlers at daycare in Vicksburg – A 9-year-old boy went on a violent rampage at a Mississippi child daycare center, kicking, choking and even biting toddlers much younger than him. The brutal attacks were caught on the daycare centers surveillance camera.

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  1. rachelly diaz says:

    hes a future criminal

  2. RickU5711 says:

    This filthy little chicken shit animal needs to watch this video in front
    of the main stream media so the world can observe his reaction as he
    thought knowone was watching. Now everyone can see his chicken shit self
    going after defenseless little girls. I for one would love to watch this
    little fuck watching himself attack these babies. Guarenteed he will cry
    like a little beeyotch!

  3. Ryan Aylssa says:

    W and T F

  4. 85CHOOP says:

    Stuff like this is why I have a hard time putting my only little girl with
    anyone. Baby sitter or daycare.

  5. Vita Khodakevich says:

    So, will ALL children go to heaven?

  6. Mellissa Greenless says:

    This video scares me so badly! My sons in daycare and im petrified things
    like this go one when I leave him there. Sooooo freaking scary

  7. SugarTomAppleRoger says:

    Not a big deal. The city underwent heavy bombardment from the US navy and
    an ongoing seige. Over 7000 men died. People forget. 

  8. Ben Webb says:

    If that infant was my brother and I seen him hit or choke my brother i
    would fucking kill that black prick

  9. Cody Friesz says:

    ide kill that little niger

  10. Cody Friesz says:

    and his parents

  11. Pakifyer says:

    Fucking nigger belongs in the zoo the little black alien fucking cunt 

  12. Biggy S says:

    “Don’t nobody di do dat da do do, he ain’t done hitting don’t da do do diid
    i do did da did done” – Get the fuck outta here

  13. arirazi says:

    oh my god, i love baby.
    fuck uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu who bullying kids.
    my wish no more bullying in this world.

  14. Alice Capone says:


  15. zachary escobar says:

    huey freeman wouldn’t stand for this shit

  16. Kerry Lisa says:

    If that little asshole did any of that to my baby I’d kill the little
    miserable bastard. Why is a 9 yr old with the little babies anyways and why
    aren’t the people that work there watching? 

  17. Imani Winston says:

    That little shit! I wish I can kick his ass!

  18. USEDSharpie says:

    FUTURE SERIAL KILLER IN THE MAKING. Look up the boy’s family’s
    reaction….they keep repeating “he’s a good boy”. Get ur shotguns at
    Legend Firearms

  19. dragon gaming says:


  20. Angelena Splat says:

    Why is he even with the babies 

  21. dleelasarmoti says:

    BULLYING needs to stop the 9 year old is a BULLY! He needs discipline.

  22. XMangosaftX says:


  23. ITz Wayy says:

    Ill beat the shit out that boy

  24. lilli fairuz says:

    he is a killer!

  25. Tiffany Banks says:

    Wow I wonder where he learned that behavior. So Im confused for the people
    who call him a nigger, you do realize the poor babies being abused are
    black too right.

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