A Child Abuse Story – Sylar Newton’s Story

December 27, 201325 Comments

The information in this video is collected from various news reports and combined into one story to show how child abuse took the young boys life.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. enkratia says:

    @Wealthier1aw I suppose I should be sending my children off to bible camp
    to be brainwashed so one day they may be able to froth at the mouth with
    righteous indignation in internet chat rooms, & condemn half the world to
    eternal torment. You can kindly zip your lips about my happy healthy
    Godless children & how I bring them up.

  2. scottydesthegooner says:

    NO, NO, NO. Why would anyone hurt a beautiful little child. The human race
    make me sick, I am ashamed to call myself human sometimes. God bless you
    little soldier. Rest In Eternal Peace, precious one!

  3. blahblahlikespie says:

    That’s just sad. Why should anybody go through this? Any age,but that’s
    just sad. The person who did it is sick. Just plain sick. Why could anybody
    dislike this.. This is just sad.. <3 He's in a better place now <3

  4. Greogrios says:


  5. XoXsimaXoX says:

    @newsiegirl2008 omg.. bless him:( may he rip.

  6. Ben Wooden says:

    rip slyar . fucking hate people who do this

  7. nokturnal7 says:

    People like this who hurt innoocent children make me physically sick..
    these woman do NOT deserve to have children..

  8. kylesfate says:

    stupid disgusting people, I’m not one to like a death penalty, but these
    bastards deserve it, poor guy. R.I.P Sylar. < 3

  9. maggie22Rose says:

    I can’t stop crying. I can’t believe people could do this. heartless sick
    monsters with no soul.

  10. ClazzyEntertainment says:

    fuck this made me tear up good

  11. LoganYeaYouLoveMe says:

    i had my hade over my mouth half the time and cam hardly see the keys cause
    my eyses are tearing up so bad but at least he cant be harmed anymore since
    he is in the arms of jesus christ

  12. ddowhitt1 says:

    Whats the point of having kids when you don’t want to take care of them,
    love them. and protect them yourself….NO ONE….No ONE will love your kid
    more than you can…as a mother, she had to know something was going
    on…yet she did nothing.

  13. JusticeForTheSilenced says:

    @tweety6252 Call 1-800-4ACHILD they will tell you who you need to call, you
    can stay anonymous. After you give the report make sure that you mention
    you had called before and no one came out, then ask the person you talked
    to to repeat their name, and ask them how to spell it. Then say “thank you,
    if one of these children are murdered I want to make sure I give the media
    the right name of the person I talked to when I called that didn’t do
    anything.” Believe me, they’ll come out.

  14. JusticeForTheSilenced says:

    Sylar was doomed from birth. Why didn’t Charity at the very least run a
    criminal background check of the person that she gave her child to? And
    when you are a mother you ALWAYS have problems, you get help you don’t give
    your child away. And when he took tranquilizers the first time she should
    of took him back and not just half the time. There is more than one person
    with blood on their hands in this story.

  15. Jennifer Alcala says:

    y a lil boy? why the abuse?

  16. jessica gallian says:

    i know you wrote me a year a go sorry i’m just getting back to you on this
    but the kids i was talking about be for died bec of abuse i tried to get
    them help but D.fax didn’t want to hear about it the babies died bec of
    child abuse a year a go i feel like i didn’t help them at all

  17. Orson Durkin says:

    Oh but country folk cant have legal abortion cause GAWD and Jerry Fallwell
    told them so. Ignorant pieces of shit, why make babies you have no fucking
    clue how to raise up. Burn in hell every one of you. The mother, the two
    fat lesbian bitches who killed this child.

  18. laura curlis says:

    Why would you lay down to have a baby & give it away? That’s what you get?
    EXCUSE:/ U should have kept ur legs closed.

  19. crlyng102 says:

    Yep-you are SO RIGHT…Mr. Orson. I know a bunch of these PRO_LIFERS….its
    a SIN to abort…but they don wanna hear about the miserable lives many of
    these kids have…

  20. Kuripo Hirusama says:

    Am I retarded because I have to pause the video in order to read all the

  21. Arwen777Gods says:

    Children are precious how can anyone be so cruel, poor baby, all he needed
    was to be loved and cared for, is that so hard to even do that for that
    little boy. This makes me sad, he’s just a baby and these adult around him
    are so selfish.

  22. Nintendofan101 says:

    cant you just show a video of the child abuse

  23. kimberly joy cortez says:


  24. Karen Walker says:

    OK his Mom couldn’t keep him ? He’s adopted Mom gave him to Tina and Nancy
    ? Who’s Tina and Nancy and why if you adopt a child do you give them away
    ? Wht couldn’t relatives take the child ? This is sad and senseless

  25. Ashley Franco says:

    R.I.P Sylar Newton 2008-2010

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