A Cyber Bullying Suicide Story — Ryan Halligan age 13

October 22, 201325 Comments

Please watch as a father of a young man who commited suicide after being cyber bullied, tells his sons story and the pain he has to live with for the rest of his life.

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  1. bob bilbo says:

    @Tazulator97 same

  2. iGravitee says:

    i saw this man last year. i give him so much credit for doing this.

  3. PiviotAtWar says:

    This makes me wanna cry ;'(

  4. dunco1994 says:

    @sniper0diper do you have a fucking conscience? this is a human life we’re talking about here. are you as low as that to actually say such a thing? you are a sick twat and i hope karma gets you one day. sick cunt.

  5. DynomiteKid65 says:

    waaahhhhh im sad 🙁

  6. DynomiteKid65 says:

    Those girls that humiliated him are probably stupid little spoilt sluts who are gonna (if they grow uP) be prostitues and die a horrible pain if i ever saw those girls i’d fucking ram a stool down their throats

  7. DynomiteKid65 says:

    ive got heeps of them at my school you would not beleive ;lol

  8. N31S0N100 says:

    im so sorry mr halligan 4 ur lose 4 ur kid ryan the only advice 9i could give u is stay stong nd never forget about ur kid

  9. rockerboyluis says:

    a this video really help me rite now cuz rite now i was going to go away

  10. gamine says:

    what a sweet kid 🙁

  11. Passion For Music says:

    It’s the nice ones who are always targeted, mistaken for being weak…

  12. blake5899 says:

    13 people have no soul

  13. superman2ify says:

    i think the 13 poeple that disliked, disliked it because they didnt like the facts that he commited suicide.

  14. pd2210 says:

    What bothers me the most is that the acountability of the schools are nonexsistant. Thery will tell you that they address these issues, but they don’t address them as they should. What happen to the people that bullied him? I bet they are still free to walk the streets and attend school. Those kids that bullied him should be PUBLICALLY TORTURED AND SHOT. I realize it is a bit much, but this will not stop until there are grave consequences for this type of behavior.

  15. MorroccoSurrogate says:

    You seriously think that public torture and execution is less cruel than bullying. These kids have problems that must be addressed, but that kind of reasoning is just as deranged.

  16. justinbieberholic1 says:

    I shed a tear xxx rip

  17. ali marlo says:

    Out of 96,879 people who viewed, 13 of them were bullies

  18. nara cristina rodrigues feitosa says:

    the only thing you have to do is pray and have faith everything is gonna change do you believe i pass all this.  and god help me.

  19. andrew skinner says:

    After my father died his side of the family rejected my family

  20. Scarecrow545 says:

    Oh god, shut the hell up.

  21. contra1894 says:

    Im 16 year old, and I tried to suicide myself sometimes, im not emo, i just have so many problems in my house… that my mind cant handle it, im from puerto rico. and this is not a joke.Im just a kid, that had a good life before this problems shows… im just so angry so dripressed everyday… that i want to kill myself… i cant handle it anymore…

  22. Kiana Oneil says:

    Contra1894 I’m sorry bout everything that’s going on. And I pray for you.

  23. TrevorJBmovies says:

    I was in southplainfield on May 26 , 2011 , ive got bullied , thought that was more horrible then his bullying , but then it looked as Mr.Halligen almost cried , my friends were crying , then someone said it was funny, i said ” Now… $hits goin down…”, he was told of being gay when he wasnt , i swear that bully better be more better now or be in deep $hit , he is very horrible and the girl who pretendet to be his Computer girlfriend , but she isnt the main person to blame, the first buly is..

  24. TrevorJBmovies says:

    u go get away from them to a differ family member ,

  25. morgan6712 says:

    my heart goes out to you

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