A Mother’s Betrayal (Child Abuse Documentary)

December 18, 201321 Comments

Kathleen Bush earned the nation’s sympathy and admiration as she struggled to care for her grievously sick 8 year-old child. Is she innocent or guilty of child abuse?

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  1. DocumentaryDudette says:
  2. Zak Everson says:


  3. Jennifer Mallard says:

    I believe she’s guilty

  4. daniellandgrens says:

    The mothers eyes show she is stuck in some own childtrauma. I think she is

  5. Rae Groce says:

    She did it; she is guilty!

  6. Other says:

    The state IS out to get people.

  7. Other says:

    This documentary made me aware of http://www.parentalrights.org I strongly
    reccommend visiting to see how you can fight congress so parents don’t make
    and raise children for the state and gov’t, but instead raise children that
    reflect their own beliefs and values.

  8. Natasha Marie Croft says:

    theres no emotion in her when speaking. its like role play. shes guilty…
    not a doubt in my mind

  9. Solya Lu says:

    only by looking at the circumstance that girl is diagnosed healthy, or
    improving her health after removal from her mother, it means her sickness
    is curable; yet over these many years living with her mother, it has not
    seemed so. Regardless this is abusive case or not, her mother is definitely
    negligible to say the least, should be blamed to its extent.

    on the other hand, this so called documentary is certainly biased against
    the mother, by mainly, solely even providing views and statements against

  10. john stoner says:

    I’m domestic violence towards children, mom’s do it more often than
    father’s, otherwise then majority thinks 

  11. Gabriel De Civita says:

    I beleive she is innocent. I think that the state take this extremes
    actions because the mother was making a revolution against the poor medical
    care. Its all about money

  12. 84theviking says:


  13. Abby Kadabby says:

    Munchhausen by proxy is such an awful thing. 

  14. mutterschied says:

    Then most of you think Justice an’ cops are like puppets on a string?
    (Apart from cop haters, socialist and related shiteaters, have you even
    read aomething about the Kate Bush stuff?)

  15. stephanie naylor says:

    she is GUILTY 

  16. jennymanydo says:

    All who think she is innocent, why Jennifer then believes herself she is
    guilty? Politicians loved her mother, she had many influental supporters
    including Clinton. So that’s that for “conspiracy”.

  17. Nicole Bolton says:

    When the oldest son says ‘she never did anything to hurt me or my brother’,
    did the sons ever consider the fact that maybe their mom never wanted a
    daughter? Sounds to me like she either had Munchhausen by proxy syndrome
    or a lot of self loathing that she took out on the daughter.

  18. Leer Wesen says:

    Kid lives with mom – Sick almost to death
    Kid lives away from mom – Healthy


  19. jennifer kula slone says:

    Kathy is a sick and twisted individual who tortured her daughter for years!
    Five years is not enough time behind bars for such a disgusting “mom”! I am
    so glad that Jennifer is doing well now that she is out of that abusive

  20. UMblue83 says:

    Kathy said she doesn’t think Munchausen by proxy doesn’t exist? That was a
    strange statement when it obviously does exist. The proof is in the
    pudding. When with mom, the kid is sick, when not with mom, she’s not sick.

  21. Kharmine playfulslade says:


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