Abby’s Story – A Bullying Story

December 8, 201425 Comments

This video shows just what can happen if you’re a bully. Think before you speak. Think before you act. Bystanders, you have the most power, use it in the right way.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. Oliviaslife says:

    I’ve been bullied since first grade. My mom is diagnosed with Cerebal Palsy
    and Distonia. Kids would say; Why does your mom look weird? Is she dumb?
    Can she even talk? Can she throw up? One girl even said to me; No wonder
    why you are so weird. Because your mom gave her stupidity to you.
    It made me angry because I love her and I know that she is not dumb. She
    gradguated high school with honors, she won 1st place in a wheelchair race.
    I came home crying.

    I moved school but nothing got better. I’ve been pushed, kicked, and some
    girls spit in my face and left. Stepped on my books when I dropped them one
    day. Some people threatened to kill me and all the school did was laugh. A
    boy spanked me. A boy knocked me down with a hockey stick in gym.

    Later that year, I learned to stick up for myself. And I became popular
    without trying! 😀

    Stay strong!!! 

  2. XxQuickscopexX says:


  3. skye cassidy says:

    I sometimes get bullied at shool i just wish i can bring out my hidden
    strength because i k ow i have it i just need to be angry or rage to tap
    into the hidden power:/

  4. enrique vargas says:

    I get bullied every now and then but seriously there is no reason to kill
    yourself. Bullies are just no life people who have nothing else to do

  5. stargates96 says:

    Can someone please tell me why anybody refuses to fight back? Everybody is
    like oh I get bullied be sorry for me THE WORLD IS NOT GOING TO HELP YOU
    YOU HAVE TO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF!!!! Seriously if teachers don’t give a
    damn if principals don’t give a damn hell if I got bullied In class I would
    jump out of my seat and beat the shit out of them cuz if the teacher don’t
    care then I’m going to do it even if the teacher cares I would still do it!
    If I’m being bullied that gives me the right to fight back! I don’t care if
    I get If I get in trouble hell I’ll say fuck u principal if I get in
    trouble for beating a bully! So somebody explain why kids never stand up
    for themselfs!!!!!!????!!?

  6. BlueMouse97 says:

    Picking on someone JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE AN ACCENT?! That is just so wrong
    on so many levels… :(

  7. Destiny Lopez says:

    My dad taught me how to fight at my school no one gets bullied I don’t know
    why . Everyone had their group and I never see bullying or pushing of
    hurting . But one a girl or boy hurts me or does something nasty of rude
    I’ll beat them up good my dad had been teaching me because he used to get
    bullied her best up the bully and everyone was scared of him . He never got
    picked on of beaten up again ! :)

  8. zillkillyou says:

    1/3 have a fear? Holy shit my school must be EXTREMELY lucky. Nobody here
    bullies anyone, it’s not like that here. Maybe a fight once in a blue moon
    (very rare) between people who really hate eachother or something.

    I never knew the numbers were that high though. I thought bullying was old
    and stopped :s

  9. blessing grace casela says:

    I’m actually sick and tired of ppl that bully. I don’t get what’s funny abt
    it… Lik it srsly pisses me off af… Ppl shud think before they do coz
    one little bad thing can make a massive effect on someone…. The ppl THINK
    they can’t do anything abt it, YOU CAN! all you need to do is tell someone,
    ANYONE. please.. Take this message and stop bullying.

  10. Haitham H says:

    Abby’s Story – A Bullying Story:
    ( God I don’t get it why did she killed her self 🙁 I cried bro stop it
    with the bullying!!! ) + if you got bullied why stop and be like ohh god I
    am getting bullied its the end of do something defend yourself!! Beat the

  11. PurplePerfectionLPS Kaedyn says:

    In 3rd grade , I was a victim.

    Of cyber-bullying.

    I was on F.L.A.B.3 (Fly like a Bird 3) And was playing. One person said ,
    “I hate sluts. you?” I at the time didn’t know wat that meant , and that
    they knew I was young and was trying to hurt me. Of course I said yes , but
    I said that if that was a bad thing , that not all girls are like that. the
    person said , “OMG ! you SEXIST bitch! Go drink bleach you whore , you
    slutty , bratty kid!” I didn’t tell my parents , of course. I didn’t want
    them worried. Instead , I cut my self , and cried in the bathroom. I told
    myself that I was all those things , and that I was a discrace to my mother
    and my father. My mom saw my cuts one day , and I told her I slipped and
    broke some plates , and cut my arm. She belived me , and told me to be more
    careful. I went to my room. I cried , and decided maybe , sympathy would
    make me feel better. so I went back on , and told everyone what happened. A
    girl with <3Sarah<3 as her name said , "OMG! Really? You don't desrve
    that!" then she posted a web address to Amanda Todd's story and told me to
    watch. I watched it , and she said , "You know what? I think you should be
    a fan , and KILL YOURSELF TOO!" It turns out it was the same person last
    time and this time.

    Then in 4th grade , I shaved my legs once , and my leg hair became
    stronger , thicker , like mans legs. I came to school and they all called
    me big joe. They said "Hey MR.LUMBERJACK! Why not chop down trees as thick
    as your LEG HAIR?" 

  12. Crystal the snowkitty™ says:

    This is really upsetting

  13. reagan gibson says:

    People just make me sick

  14. PineappleHD // GFX // PVP says:

    imma be honest , today i came home from school with the names that are
    called to me and people constantly hurting me i wanted to see why im
    bullied and what i can do to change it 

  15. Srinivasan Ramakrishnan says:

    my dad will punch those bullying freinds in one second

  16. Yana Jaguar says:

    Well if ur getting bullied well you can fight back it’s called self defense
    kick the bullies ass I did once and i kicked both of their asses if you
    just keep taking the pain your not really solving anything your just
    letting it go on and on because they know u are just the easy target don’t
    let that happen speak up or kick some ass who gives a fuck about detention
    whoop their ass !!

  17. MintLPSchannel says:

    wrenching to watch these sick people treat others like trash. WE ARE ALL
    EQUAL! Except for the bullies. They’re their own species and should be
    extinct. >;(

  18. Sahir Hossain says:

    All bullies should rot in hell.

  19. Madison Rose says:

    I started getting bullied in 3rd grade it’s been 3 years I started citing
    when I was 9. I just told my mom I fell. 

  20. Donna D says:

    I think this is acting. Cause i heard: “keep on walking” at one point.

  21. Jenna Sai says:

    Go fucking get Ebola, bullies

  22. Lizette Arreola says:

    I’m getting bullied 

  23. Keyara Swanson says:

    I’ve been bullied before but I never had suicidal thoughts. Anyone who gets
    bullied I would report to the police. If I every saw my BFF get bullied I
    don’t know would I would doI would of had 2 choices report to the police or
    beat the bully up I’m not sure what one I would chose…

  24. Mikalah says:

    I’m getting bully Evey day

  25. Jose Quintero says:

    so mean

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