Amanda Berry And Two Girls Rescued

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The cry out for help by one girl at Cleveland, Ohio, that evening awoke the neighborhood to a sad reality. There had been girls locked in a house for the last 10 years. One of the girls is Amanda Berry, whose mother had reported her disappearance many years back when she was only 16 years old. She had been locked in a porch with two other girls, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight.

Amanda Berry Rescued

Amanda Berry Rescued

A neighbor, Charles Ramsey, had heard screams projecting from the neighbor’s house and responded quickly to the call for help. The victim was in her pajamas and had old shoes in her feet. Other neighbors also heard the scream and came out to rescue the girl. But sad enough, she was not a lone; she emerged with another female child, her daughter, whom she had delivered while in captivity.

“Call 911, I am Amanda Berry. I have been on news for the past 10 years, here I am,” she shouted calling for help. “I am Amanda, come and help me before he comes back.” she shouted while talking to the police on phone. This was in reference to her perceived abductor, Ariel Castro, who also owns the house.

The police responded and saved Amanda Berry, her 6 years old daughter, and the other two girls, who also emerged from the house. The police further ransacked the house to ascertain if there were any other girls, but there was none.

Amanda Berry’s mother, Louwanna Miller, did not live to see the reappearance of her daughter since she passed on in 2006 due to a heart failure. Her death came 2 years after she had been told on a live television show, The Montel Williams Show, by the Psychic Sylvia Browne that her daughter, Mandy, was dead.

After the rescue, Amanda Berry spoke on phone with her Grand Father Berry and Her Father. Amanda and Dad broke down and cried after Amanda repeated to her Dad more than twice that she loves him. Amanda Berry’s sister, Beth Serrano, too could not hold her tears of joy when she saw her sister, Amanda.

Currently, the alleged kidnapper, Ariel Castro, is undergoing trial and is facing 4 counts of kidnap, 3 counts of rape and could also face 2 counts of murder due to the forced abortions on two of her victims.

Amanda “Mandy” Berry has since reunited with her family together with her daughter.

If  you are experiencing sleepless nights over the gory details of the Cleveland abduction case involving the trio of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight, and have a growing uncertainty about the safety of your little one, your not alone?

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