Are sex offender phone apps worth anything?

October 17, 20134 Comments

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  1. OfficialSOIssues says:

    I have personally downloaded this app, and I can tell you, it’s worthless.  I know of several offenders near me, and it did not show about 5 of the 20 or so offenders. It’s just someone out to make a quick buck, IMO.

  2. OfficialSOIssues says:

    Why don’t we have a registry for all criminals, like murderers, gang members, drug dealers/users, DUI offenders, any criminal. Then we can really live in fear!!!

  3. Rod Wagner says:

    The App protects no one and does give a false sense of security. The real threat to children are family members and those known to the family. Recidivism rates for FIRST time offenders is in the single digits. Once caught 95% NEVER repeat another sex offense.

  4. southport97 says:

    Knowing where someone lives does NOT prevent crime; nor does it protect ANYONE, much less save lives.

    Sex offender registry = security theater.

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