Back To School – How To Prevent Bullying

July 20, 20136 Comments

School is starting soon. Children will have to deal with the topic of bullying. In this video parents will get tips on how to teach children how to deal with bullying.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. anthony martinez says:

    This kid at my school named Anthony Buvelot, is so mean! How can I get him to stop

  2. Shannon Marsh says:

    Get a teacher or fight back that’s what I did

  3. Tashi Lhamo says:

    Thank you so much…

  4. anthony martinez says:

    Ok, thank you, Shannon

  5. anthony martinez says:

    Hey Shannon, it workes I fougjt back and he said he wont bother me any more I beat the shit out if him, thank you so much

  6. Thao Pham says:

    Why do they bullying people can die

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