Baltimore Mom Who Smacked Rioting Son Facing Child Abuse Charges?

May 3, 201524 Comments

Some are calling for Baltimore mom Toya Graham, the woman who smacked her rioting son live on TV during the Baltimore riots to be charged with CHILD ABUSE and assault! *SUBSCRIBE* for more…

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  1. Mark Dice says:

    This woman should be made mayor.

  2. robhalfordtate says:

    First, arresting black people is now racist so she will face no changes.
    Second, if a black father showed up and beat his kid on live TV everyone
    would be disgusted by the violence.
    Last, this kid obviously learned from this “mother” . Did you hear the
    mouth on that beast of a woman? This woman is no mother of the year. She
    has 6 illegitimates, raising them in section housing yet still has enough
    money for her weave.

    She’s a typical negro female creature that wanted her 15 minutes of fame.
    She’s part of the problem in the negro community. Black women shouldn’t be
    allowed to raise children. All negroes should be sterilized, crime

  3. nakedyoga420 says:

    Didn’t punch or kick him. Just slapped him. Good job. Good on you for
    showing an African American in a positive light for once Mark. That’s rare
    for you.

  4. Ask8613 says:

    She emasculated her son on live tv….there’s clearly no father available,
    and then goes onto the news later talk about it….If you want better for
    your child beating the crap out of them in public doesn’t help. It’s all
    those missteps before that day where you should have been taking proper

  5. cronicjointpain says:

    As someone who had an extremely abusive father growing up (he literally
    almost killed me on more than one occasion) this is NOT Abuse. its called
    discipline. there is a major difference. this is part of the reason kids
    are so disrespectful and so out of control these days. because parents are
    afraid to discipline them for fear it will be seen as abuse and have their
    kids taken away from them and or be arrested.

    people act like slapping him a few times for bad behavior that WILL get him
    killed or arrested someday (either way his life will be ruined and he will
    likely ruin others)
    is akin or is the same as beating him into a bloody pulp for no good reason
    at all.
    would you rather the police slap him into a coma? or riddle him with bullet

    to those who think shes a bad mother, let me tell you, you can have the
    very best parents in the world who do all the right things, and your kid
    can still rebel like crazy and turn into something like this or something
    far worse. I’m not saying she was the best mother but she probably did
    fairly well especially considering the fact that his piece of shit father
    wasn’t in the picture and she has all those other kids to take care of.

    reminds me of a case where a very prominent Mexican Drug cartel member was
    an American born and raised and he came from an affluent family. he was
    well off and had a good upbringing, but he wanted to be a “Gangster” and so
    he turned into a killer/drug runner

  6. TralfamadorianShoes says:

    that “mentally enslaved moron” made the only sound argument in this video.
    the problem lies in her parenting. why do you think young black men behave
    like this? there is no father in the home and single mothers like these who
    are usually not educated or even functional people compensate for the
    fathers absence with over-violent over-aggressive forms of discipline, or
    just routine physical abuse for no reason. Young black men then learn the
    feminine traits of uncontrolled emotion and violet tantrums as the norm of
    what they see as the masculine behavior in the absence of any true
    masculine influence. It is shitty black single mothers like this who
    further accelerate the degradation of the black race and teach their sons
    to be violent and dysfunctional. later in life the natural
    instinctive desire in young men for paternal and masculine influence is
    satisfied by gang and criminal associations as well as countless other
    dysfunctional social behaviors. These people never develop past
    their dysfunctional childhoods because they never have a reasonable mature
    adult influence, let alone a wise cool-headed but stern father figure to
    teach them the ropes. The advance of feminism and the rise of the New Left
    to cultural dominance in black life helped to bring about this stunted
    fatherless society of criminals and thugs. the left is rapidly destroying
    our civilization and people like you should know who the real enemy is.

  7. The Wise Guy says:

    Is it the role of mothers and fathers to discipline their child when they
    are doing something wrong, especially when they are about to break the law.

  8. sfmartin79 says:

    I can just hear these jerks now…why didn’t you stop your kid instead of
    letting him die in the riot?…Jerks like those are never satisfied. I am a
    single mom of 5…sometimes tough love is the best love. I can guarantee
    that kid will never do it again!! They have to learn right from wrong and
    sometimes they have to learn the hard way.

  9. rozozzy says:

    if a man had done that..he’d get arrested. no one learns from
    violence..just ask the black men in today are different. they
    kill their parents. when you get old and you think they want to
    come back and assist you…..I hope he runs away…he looked like he wanted
    to knocked her out when she rolled up on him cursing and chasing him. I was
    not amused and didn’t find it funny. he was too old for that BS!!

  10. Austin Costello says:

    Heroic? The fucks wrong with you?

  11. Lyles says:

    That comment is right, you know.
    If she was a good mom her spawn wouldn’t of been an instrument to begin
    Then again, the fact that she acted out in violence shows that she herself
    is just as bad as her son. According to the non aggression principle.

    Either you don’t believe in the non aggression principle and instead follow
    the savage cycle of violence, or you do believe in the non aggression
    principle and walk down the much harder path.

    Both the Bible and the Koran speak of not only beating disobedient
    children, but even killing them as well. This comes straight out of the
    Talmud Masoretic Text, their common source.

  12. Jane Doe says:

    She just saw him on TV..her reaction was justified. Anyone who sees their
    teenager, first hand, involved in this riot and does nothing are the ones
    who should be arrested.

  13. WaqasBoiiXBL says:

    She fucking hit her son, I don’t see what’s heroic about that. 

  14. Nick Lenfent says:

    Libtards go to hell. This woman is a hero and the best role model for all
    those losers who refuse to make their children shut up in restaurants and
    kow tow to every little whim their child has. Before “social services”
    existed, kids obeyed their parents, and loved and respected them. You
    libtards have sent our country straight to hell.

  15. POWROTTATY says:

    probably a single mom who has hard time to rise her son.
    this mom cares about her son & did something when she saw him rioting.
    he should thanks his mom : better to be slapped by his mom than being
    beaten by cops.

  16. Daniel Bostock says:

    She used violence to teach her child not to be violent, not the smartest
    way to raise children.

  17. cmiller8492 says:

    WOW yeah! A woman actually caring about her son being an idiot and
    PREVENTING him from continuing to be said idiot, and they call it child
    abuse. PFf.

  18. M Brontë says:

    ppl crying saying this is wrong, No! she is the parent she is allowed to
    discipline, and clearly he is old enough to handle it.

  19. Ratho Osah says:

    The people who think that this woman should be arrested are absolute FOOLS!

  20. skywriter1962 says:

    That mother did what nearly every mother in America want’s to do, and
    should be allowed to, if this was my teen, I would have done the
    same!….Too bad that she was the only mother there who had enough ball’s
    to do what every parent of every juvinile involved in that protest should
    have done!….I SAY, …BRAVO! ….You are a mother who cares!….This lack
    luster attitude toward physical punishment has done only one thing for the
    youth of today….Want the answer to this? Check out how many of them are
    in and out of the judicial system, much more so than 30 year’s plus ago
    when I was young! and those staggering number’s keep going up!…SPARE THE

  21. dipojones says:

    There should be a law against people interfering in the lives of others.

  22. Travis Kraft says:

    It’s possible this whole thing was staged.

  23. WitherMusic says:

    At a girl any one who disagree with that is a spoiled entitled kid of
    todays generation. Im glad she did that id expect nothing less is my mom
    caught me doing that nonsense. Stop with the political correctness and stfu
    pansy bitch kids of 2015

  24. Terrance Mooselips says:

    Hers a hero,relly single mom wit six kids,sounds lik a nig from africa two

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