Bullied kids receive free plastic surgery

December 5, 201325 Comments

A non-profit organization offers free plastic surgery to kids who are bullied. Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports.

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  1. BHMTH19B says:

    fuck this man. what she needs its self confidence, not surgery… and to
    kick some ass in scool. better to say that you are crazy instead of stupid.
    kids are mean and always will be.

  2. Amaya Chaniyah says:

    u now pretty

  3. PanDaL0v3r11 says:

    40,000 dollars is ridiculous.

  4. Cycling Around Washington State says:

    I got made fun of for my big ears two.

  5. Tyler Moser says:

    Really surgery? That is not sending the right message.

  6. LightsCamerasKaren says:

    Well maybe instead of surgery. They should pay for counseling and help them
    love themselves for who they are.

  7. thijmen228 says:

    Yeah right,

  8. thijmen228 says:

    I wonder of you still say that when your ears are fucked up

  9. Sher Bear says:

    People are unique cuz they r different

  10. Jiahui Wolf says:

    But… I think shes beautiful 🙂

  11. laserbeambaby says:


  12. Stevan Lohja says:

    I don’t notice any difference.

  13. rocketsauce08 says:

    wtfuck is this bullshit cnn

  14. lovesanime88 says:

    What the hell? I have big ears and people said I had big ears and people
    laughed but I didn’t give a damn now now says anything 

  15. lovesanime88 says:

    I have big ears and I just got to accept it you know I also have big flat
    feet and I don’t give a damn it’s me

  16. manevals says:

    So stupid. 

  17. TwiHardHG says:

    I went through the same as her. From when I was 4 right up until 16 I was
    bullied for my “dumbo” ears, but as I grew my features evened out. 

  18. Герман Федотов says:

    🙂 ..:-) 🙂

  19. Summer Smith says:


  20. Terri GibsonLicence says:

    Urgh that mans is so stupid that’s just making her even more less self

  21. premiumchunkchicken says:

    1 Samuel 16:7
    Genesis 1:27
    Proverbs 31:30
    1 Peter 3:3-4

    that’s all I have to say about this

  22. Joniqua Lee says:

    Now she’s just looking weird

  23. derezze says:

    People can be so judgemental. if she doesn’t take the surgery then she gets
    bullied, if she does take the surgery then the plastic surgeon is stupid
    and everyone is superficial. 

  24. Tinh Mai says:

    Oh why did she go under a knife, she was really lovely before, I cantt
    understand, internal beauty is more important, for me!

  25. Kevin Vo says:

    WTF instead of giving free plastic surgeries, (nothing is free, my taxes
    probably pay for this stupid shit) why dont you tell them to suck it up.
    THIS IS THE REAL WORLD. People are mean, get over it. 

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