Cartoon Network Continues The Battle Against Bullying with ‘The Bully Effect’

April 22, 201325 Comments

If you have not seen the movie Bully or the documentary The Bully Effect then you must watch these films with your family. The movie Bully really brings the topic on being bullied to real life. This is a must see movie! After you watch the movie, please watch the Bully Effect and discuss both of them with your family.

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Cartoon Network continues the battle against bullying with a special commercial-free presentation of CNN’s half-hour documentary The Bully Effect on Sunday, April 28 at 5:30 and 8p.m. (ET/PT).

The new documentary—hosted by out CNN anchor Anderson Cooper—chronicles the journey of 14-year-old Alex Libby, whose emotional life was both restored and wonderfully activated because someone spoke up in his defense. For Libby, slurs, threats, and beatings at school were a daily occurrence until filmmaker Lee Hirsch highlighted the young man’s story in his 2011 documentary Bully. Since then, he has become an anti-bullying rock star with appearances on national television and a visit to the White House.

The Bully Effect is a part of Cartoon Network’s Stop Bullying: Speak Up initiative—a multi-platform pro-social campaign founded in 2010 which utilizes video, print, and online resources to raise awareness and empower young people to speak up against bullying when it occurs. “Our campaign is all about giving kids the confidence and the competence to know how to speak up when they see their friends get picked on,” says Alice Cahn, Cartoon Network’s vice president of social responsibility.  “We launched Stop Bullying: Speak Up as a direct result of audience research. When we asked kids to tell us what issue worries them most where they feel they can make a difference, the thing they said most was, ‘I see my friends get picked on. I know I want to do something. Show me what to do.’”

As a mother raising her children together with her partner in New York, the campaign’s mission is personal for Cahn—and one she knows requires continuous effort. “This is not an issue you can address once and fix,” she says. “That’s where the power of an entertainment brand, where kids go every day because they want to, can help. Sending the message that no one deserves to be bullied or picked on and saying it consistently is what it’s going to take to make a change.”

Nevertheless, Cahn is aware young people need more than lectures and rules to effect change. They also need visible role models who are both relatable and inspiring. “We wanted to go back and revisit some of the young people that were involved in Lee Hirsch’s Bully movie to show what had happened when that film spoke up for them and became an active bystander on their behalf,” she says, explaining Cartoon Network’s motivation to produce The Bully Effect. “This story of Alex—who is the same age as our target audience—kids look at him and think, ‘That could be me. That could be my friend.’ Showing what happened to him, how his life changed when someone spoke up for him, and how he’s now become an advocate for other young people is one of those really motivational stories where kids see a real kid like themselves.”

Both airings of The Bully Effect on April 28 will be accompanied by an online Q&A with Anderson Cooper and bullying prevention expert Rosalind Wiseman. Cartoon Network also plans to make the documentary available on their website beginning Monday, April 29 as well as YouTube and to cable and satellite customers through VOD for two weeks following the premiere telecast.

While the Stop Bullying: Speak Up initiative has made a concerted  effort to target LGBT youth by partnering with organizations such as GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network), Cahn says she hopes to see Cartoon Network reach further by incorporating LGBT characters and their families into future programing. “Our job as television broadcasters is to offer kids a mirror and a window,” she says. “Through that mirror they should see their lives reflected and through that window they should see people, places, and ideas that they don’t see in their lives. I would hope that youth television will continue to evolve so that we provide a positive, accurate, and broad mirror and window for all young people and the adults who care for them.”

Until then, documentaries like The Bully Effect continue to lay the groundwork for a brighter future—a goal Cahn vows Cartoon network will continually strive toward.  “We will continue doing this and contribute to that social change,” she says. “We really believe by putting this information out there, having it be practical, having it be actionable and giving them—not just strategies—but real tactics that make them feel confident and competent that we can help create climates in schools and communities where bullying is not tolerated.”

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  1. Glasschicky says:

    I wanted to punch that principle.

  2. JulianneMarcelle says:

    @glasschicky ugh me too… she was borderline justifying it *so putting on a show for the cameras*

  3. origamimaster123456 says:

    i agree

  4. 3HaloPlayers says:

    I was bullied my whole life…. And I don’t show it on the outside however, inside it hurts…. I barely had so called friend, and till this day I have very few real friends. It hard growing up when it feels like everyone make fun of you, whether it be how you look, your name, and what your interest are. It sucks because no matter how hard I tried to fit in I couldn’t. I never had that one best friend I could tell anything to. If ur being bullied message me because I know what it’s like

  5. PETRAXZ says:

    Please learn self-defense people! It WILL help!

  6. Heather G. says:

    The school administration, police and every one else that could help and don’t/didn’t are the exactly same level of guilty as the bullies. No child left behind should mean that in more ways than it currently does. There should be a 3 times and you’re out policy for bullies just like criminals. There needs to be much more protection for our children in today’s public schools. This is sickening and appalling.

  7. Raina R says:

    What’s the song at the end at 1:30???

  8. Art Demjaha says:

    1 against 10?

  9. Art Demjaha says:

    i really don’t get people, the fact that so many teenagers commit suicide makes me wanna cry so hard, this isn’t a joke, this is real, why the fuck can’t the whole school turn against those fucking bullies

  10. angelinaf22 says:

    I always stand up for kids who are being bullied so fuck all bullies

  11. Dee Reynoldsnot says:

    the ONE WORD reason to NOT HAVE ANY CHILDREN EVER ! Thanks for this eye opening FACT OF HOW PPL ARE! Well done film! You will cry within 4 minutes and again before it ends!

  12. william horvath says:

    i am 50 years old,i was bullied in school,even at 50 i feel the effects it has on my self esteam,the bad thing is my causins lived in the same area,they even bullied me ,but at times they stuck up for me,they are just as guilty!!!! and that makes it harder to let go 

  13. BitterCanuck says:

    And people wonder why Columbine happened…

  14. javaman97304 says:

    Agreed, Haytham. The 250 thumbs-down most likely came from bullies who are, by equal measure, also cowards.

  15. jade054 says:

    this gave me the chills im against bullying to..a crosby student died sadly.. and everyone in the world is my friend cause everyone is part of god :’) i will pray for the one who did suicide in the true story there… <3 amen and i have many buly's videos bout to stop it.. and im going through a adventure of pian.. i cant wait to see this story.. i might even cry and i didnt cry since :') my heart is crying but im not…

  16. jade054 says:

    btw,, im not ignoring this story at all…

  17. L4s4gn3 says:

    1:56 metal against bullies \m/

  18. SomeoneImportant11 says:

    Girls can be cruel too.

  19. bullocksTOtheRULEZ says:

    250 people r asshole

  20. BigDaddyG13 says:

    people who have seen this movie, do you recommend it?

  21. phsycopiano says:


  22. whoneedtrouble says:

    Well, yes if you wanna know about bullying and see how bad people have dealed with bullying…I personally dont think bullying has gotten badder, but the way it is handled…A rather surreal movie for me.

  23. MrSaltWaterBread says:

    You’re are absolutely correct about the problem with bullying and “the way that it’s handled”. Basically, so many schools aren’t really handling it, or acknowledging just how bad it is. Any problem not handled will only get worse. So, has bullying gotten worse? My feeling is that it has, in a big way – compared to the way it was in my day. Today you have cyber bullying. I mean you could round & round with it. Schools have got to do something & quit hiding behind the “kids will be kids” thought.

  24. MrSaltWaterBread says:

    I highly recommend this movie. It brings awareness to just how bad it is, how hard it is for victims of bullying & how their spirits are being erased. It’s very hard to watch, at least it was for me. It’s disturbing. Anyway, I recommend it for anyone & everyone, but especially for parents. The parents of one of the kids being bullied didn’t realize how bad it was until some footage was brought to them by producers. That’s the point of this film, to show how bad it is and how cruel some kids are.

  25. bassam zawawi says:

    Buly كأني لعبت هذه اللعبة

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