Bullying, Dr. William Winter, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

December 15, 20131 Comment

Dr. William Winter, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, talks about bullying among children and teenagers. What methods can the child use to stop feeding the bully. How can a parent prevent bullying and what can be done to help a child that is being bullied. Dr. Winter also talks about what the child does to bring more bullying upon them.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. modus669 says:

    ignoring the bully does not work. i hate how i hear that all the time. the
    bully KNOWS that they are hurting you. they will keep doing it until
    another outside force stops them.

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