Bullying- Elementary School

March 5, 201525 Comments

This video is to show that bullying can happen anywhere and to anyone. I had a lot of fun filming and directing this video, the girls were great to work with…

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  1. martine brown says:

    if bulling need to stop give me a thumbs up

  2. Cool Bool says:

    if that bitch took my pencil i wouldve slapped her ass and then get in
    trouble with the teachers and then they call home and it would always just
    be a cycle

  3. Lara Gannon says:

    no body like a bully you are just jelous of her that’s what u are a coward

  4. Nolan Scott says:

    somebody bullied my friend but i stoped it cuz im the bigist in my class

  5. Eli Ross says:

    No one in my elemantry school don’t bully….

  6. Ben Alvarado says:

    This changed my life cuz I’ve been bullied my whole life

  7. Nikole Riera says:

    What a luck there are still people who is good and doesnt bully you

  8. j for jade says:

    Why i am still Here???
    I Have No Friends
    NO Nobody Help me I AM ALONE AT LUNCH
    I have been Push
    WHY I AM STILL HERE!!!!?!?!????

  9. Bacon Dog says:

    Ok to the people who are considering suicide because of bullying or
    anything else just remember that nothing is permanent everything is
    temperary and one day you will get out of school and go on to your own life
    and even if your not getting bullied if it’s for some other reason just
    remember some day it will end and you will be in control of your own life 

  10. Sunshine Samson says:

    that other girl that helped her makes me remember of my friends or me in
    the case i love to help even the bullies if they need it but most the time
    people dont care about me when i do for them 

  11. Alexandra Zolber says:

    In Littleton fourth grade I got beat up on the bus.i still tot laughed at
    before I left that school 

  12. Tori Roberts says:

    I’ve never got bullied in school but I do feel bad for ppl tht do get
    bullied I mean I’m kind of popular in school but not tht much and I’m in
    middle school and I’m not mean to ppl but no one will bully me and my
    friend because if someone’s mean to us we will go sharquisha on their ass

  13. Jordan Jones says:

    It sounds like my life… I get bullied, but I have a friend to help me get
    through it… I get laughed at and made fun of… And it makes me feel very
    sad and bad about myself…. and yea, it does make me cry!!!

  14. Libby Boze says:

    If you are a bully stop now we cry because of you it just hurts us so stand
    op for your self I just cry so please stop

  15. Briyah Smith says:

    Peers shouldn’t bully each other it is not fair.Bullying is not cool and
    there needs to be an end to it including teasing.

  16. Jamaria Pickens says:

    So so so so mean

  17. Chris Omegle says:

    When i was in elementary school a friend of mine was bullied (not way too
    grave) but i always helped him 

  18. Phil Dulle IV says:

    When i was a victim of bullying in kinder garden i was super small but one
    day i was picked up behind my shirt and hung i nearly died. Oh and if u r
    the one bullying me and reading this coment I HATE YOU

  19. enrique rubio says:

    sometimes kid have problems at there house but they still don’t do it bake
    to the person that bully’s you don’t leston to the person your free with
    your friends and family. Feel good about your self and dont let your self

  20. cristian ortiz bernal says:

    i would kill that little girl if she did that to my family and that girl

  21. cristian ortiz bernal says:

    she looks ugly the ones ho are bully her she has no life

  22. KatieAnn Mora says:

    Fuck the girl with the blue shirt

  23. Matthew Lake says:

    Lol, Awesome Video.

  24. awsomeAlyssa says:

    im the 1st eaiest target so these 2 girls call me a cry baby

  25. ana licia says:

    bullies are mean and don’t talk to them

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