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How do we talk to our kids about bullying? How is bullying on social media different from other forms of bullying and how do parents deal with it.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. baloney100000 says:

    no one is perfect, and no one is a sait, she did alot of wrong things that where the complete oposite of saint. are you a church person?

  2. Aurora Carlson says:

    I’m not a church person but I have found out that we are lovable and also loved no matter what we do. We all do all kinds of things, we can be smart and stupid, kind and mean, but we all do the best we can at the moment, don’t we? We also judge many natural, normal things as wrong, and we are often taught to judge harshly. We need to remember that we are wonderful just as we are. Do you feel the relief when you forgive and love yourself?

  3. kuwaizair says:

    there are some people who are emotioanly vulerable and have behavioral problems that draw attintion to themself.

    you should try very hard to protect and coddle them. they are the ones who need a lot of help. no matter what they do. no matter how innaproperate they may be acting. no matter how foolish they seem to be.

    because nobody does anything that deserves to be picked on. even if they like to run around and scream at people for fun.

    or be 10 and act “slutty” for youtube.

  4. baloney100000 says:


  5. balletlou says:

    What do you do when the teachers (2) at a high school are doing the bullying in class?

  6. Dean Allan Slickis says:

    We can CREATE positive change…Check it out…!

    Cypress Ranch High School Anti-Bullying Lip Dub “Who Do U Think U R?”

  7. The Chopra Well says:

    That’s no good! Try speaking with the school administration who can then speak with the teachers. It’s inappropriate for those in authority to abuse their power in that way.

  8. MrsAustraliana says:

    well said Aurora =)

  9. Aurora Carlson says:

    Make sure you understand that if they treat you disrespectfully, it’s about them and not about you. Respect and love yourself, go to the administration and ask them to talk to the teachers. But no matter what happens, be respectful and clear towards yourself and everyone else when asking for a good learning environment- and then you have done what you can.

  10. Aurora Carlson says:

    Found it on Youtube of course 🙂 Awesome. Bullying is not cool, not for those who do it, not for those who are on the receiving end. But “Who do you think you are” is best answered with “I’m not anything anyone can ever say about me” 😉

  11. Alex Deptula says:

    My parents just told me that if someone attacked me or kept calling me bad things, punch them in the face 🙂

  12. JasmineTea81 says:

    I love how the title says ‘PERFECTLY IMPERFECT PARENTS’ but only moms are present in this movie… I really liked the intro movie how dads are only in the picture

  13. TheGoddessCaroline says:

    I wish North Americans were more like Indian people meaning that I personally believe Indian people focus more on family & connection. The Internet has changed things for people and they go looking for what they desire and some people end up here and others on that other “U” site. We have one occasion per year that ties us together & society istrying to make little of that by saying it’s a joke because it has religious ties. My family is not religious but it’s the only time we see each other.

  14. Cookiee J says:

    Everyone is a victim of bullying at some point. We believe in strength, positive awareness and support for all victims. Never let bullying consume your positive believes or outlook on life. Don’t ever hesitate to ask for help. Stay positive and it will be overcome.

  15. Chloe Kc says:

    I sincerely thought before watching this that there would be some useful information on HOW to teach your children to defend themselves from bullying, HOW to stop your child from being a bully, and HOW to prevent bullying in the first place. I am disgusted that you could even suggest physical violence as a method to stop someone invading your physical space. As mothers, you pass your insecurities to your children, if a parent is doing a good job, their child will neither bully nor be bullied.

  16. Chloe Kc says:

    1. You can learn several forms of martial arts to defend yourself without causing serious harm to your attacker. They should be only used if absolutely necessary. 2. Ask yourself and your attacker, why on earth they want to attack you, and say to them ‘clearly the more horrible things you say to me the more you think horrible things about yourself’. Ask them what they are hiding? what’s going on at home, we all have issues but we don’t have to take them out on other people – it’s pathetic.

  17. Jacob Collins says:

    My mom completely ignores me, then talks about the devil and brands crosses on my skin. 😛 *sigh*

  18. lila flamma says:

    I have three older brothers and my dad just said to us “if anybody punches you punch them right back”

  19. Shayq7 says:

    Little kids cant take a punch anyvody weak or strong cant hirt anyone at little stage

  20. cassie kline says:

    man my mom does the same thing. i chapstickin’ swear it gets annoying. they need to give me more chapstickin’ privacy!

  21. Nana Otero says:

    My mom always dose that!

  22. jessicabahen03 says:


  23. LPSJayJay says:

    That is NOT what you should do, if they do it constantly and are beating you up and won’t leave you alone, that is the time where you defend yourself and punch them. when they just punch you does ABSOULUTLEY NOT give you the right to punch someone else.

  24. globallyunderstood says:


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