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November 6, 201325 Comments

A new opinion piece in the New York Post suggests something interesting about bullying; the bullies will keep winning if kids don’t fight back.

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  1. jackbrightside says:

    so the spartans should never have fought the persians? fantasy example based in some history sure, but merely because i know i wont win doesnt mean i dont try, that logic breeds true losers, those who never try

  2. Rockas360 says:

    Bullying back in the day was only at school and in person, now-a-days it’s at school, at home and everywhere you go and sometimes by people you can’t actually confront. It’s a lot worse these days then it was back then. I got bullied, beaten up, stolen from and called names on a regular basis both for being an honours student and for being queer… once I stood up for myself and kick the shit out of the biggest bully and tore the other haters down, no one ever messed with me again.

  3. Rockas360 says:

    Also, parents should be responsible for their child bullying. Kids learn violence somewhere and that place is usually at home. Also it’s the parents job to raise the kid right and not be an asshole. Don’t forget that if the parents aren’t made responsible for the child’s behavior, how are the authorities supposed to be sure that they even try to rectify the solution. Kids aren’t born evil and violent they are made a such, and thus can be taught otherwise before it’s too late.

  4. Cissi says:

    I used to be a bully when I was little. One day a bystander told me that I am mean. I never bullied again after that. Sometimes all it takes is some perspective. A young bully usually doesn’t realize what he/she is doing and the consequences that comes with it.

  5. BrianSATX79 says:

    I feel like minors are treated like second class citizens, we don’t allow and tolerate bullying in the workplace with adults, that same standard must be applied in schools from kindergarten to graduating high school.

  6. karyevans says:

    I think teaching self defense in school would take care of the bullies. You should never use force unless there is no other way out, but all people should be able to defend themselves.

  7. randman21 says:

    Teach every kid MMA!

    Also, Dave Rubin raised a very interesting question about the need for bullying, but I don’t agree. I was never bullied and I turned out pretty well-adjusted..

  8. Scott Hall says:

    I would respectfully disagree, especially after having dealt with repeat offender bullies. Bullies in my experience are well aware of what they are doing, there may be instances where they aren’t, but those are few and far between.

    The main bully at my school bullied because he was bigger/stronger than everyone buy me and he could steal kids lunch money or toys or whatever. He knew exactly what he was doing. The girls that bullied other girls were the same and well aware of what they did.

  9. Weed Smokin Gun Totin Steak Eatin Whiskey Chuggin Slut Fuckin Nigger Hangin Jew Bakin' - White Boy says:

    Of course! if I had a daughter and she was being bullied online id tell her to find the bitch and hit her in the face with chair. and boys too cowardice is becoming real popular now days so that old line about only hit them if they put their hands on you doesn’t work any more they can Facebook call names all day I’d tell him to tell them next time you talk shit im gon beat the fuck out you

  10. KNBProds says:

    i got bullied bad. had a rough 7th grade. got so bad i got armed. i figured that I wasn’t the problem others were. THEY were picking on ME. so THEY needed to feel my pain. fuck em. I’ve knocked a few fuckers down in the process.

  11. StreakyBaconMan says:

    Fighting the bully was always a good strategy for me. Generally you don’t need to be stronger than the guy bullying you, you just need to be more stubborn. I’d often fight even if I knew I’d get my ass kicked, because the fact that you fight back every time is a deterant to the bully. They want an easy target not a hard one, and if you fight back every time it becomes too much effort and the bully will move on to someone who won’t defeind themselves.

  12. karyevans says:

    You got something against self defense? You are very fortunate to have never been bullied, but I’m 64 yr. old. Back in the day most everyone was bullied. I don’t even believe in spanking. There is no reason I can see not to teach self defense. It is required in Japan to graduate high school. It builds confidence, not to mention physical fitness, and improves eye hand co-ordination. I did not say bulling was necessary! Think your just looking for trouble! Prepare for the worse, hope for the best

  13. Mrmatchfit23 says:

    I agree and disagree with what you are saying here. I disagree because never has a Bully respected me because I have whooped their ass, I would rather say that fighting for yourself is a way of gaining your own respect, and I also don’t agree with the weapon stuff, I don’t want to kill the guy, I would just want to stick up for myself. but I do agree, that although Schools and Parents can help, you never feel like the issue is dealt with unless you ball up those fists and fight for your life

  14. Hamptino says:

    Fuck you and your youtube name.

  15. randman21 says:

    I wasn’t being sarcastic! I agree. I think every kid should know some kind of martial art, and at best MMA. I guess it could be a problem if the bullies also knew self-defense/martial arts, though.

    The second part of my post was directed at Dave’s suggestion that being bullied gives kids some advantage that not being bullied doesn’t. I don’t believe that to be the case.

  16. Manx36 says:

    We are raising generations of wimps that can’t deal with anything. Cyber bullying is the biggest crock of shit. You know how you avoid cyber bullying? Get off the damn Internet. It’s insane to me that kids are killing themselves over being taunted. That’s bullshit adults created by raising kids unable to handle name calling, seriously?

  17. Manx36 says:

    Any moron can have a child and they are at alarming rates.

  18. xxhellspawnedxx says:

    Nah, they were unaware of the most effective tool in the toolbox – Using the kids parents against him or her. Just have them tell the kid off in front of the entire class and you’ll see a drastic reduction in his antisocial behavior against his peers.

  19. karyevans says:

    Most bullies don’t want to fight, and if they know your going to give them a fight they just don’t bother. Think at least basic self defense of some kind would put an end to most bulling. Agree 100% bullying is never a good thing! PEACE, have a good day randman21

  20. adrien broussard says:

    Rubin is an idiot if he questions whether kid should fight back. Bully should get owned and knocked the f*** out. That will teach them to stop the bully crap. If someone started bullying and a mob of kids jumped their ass and beat the f*** out of them bully crap would end.

  21. Adam Applebaum says:

    Carrie and my real life inspired my creepy pastas. I bring this up because they mention carrie in this video which was a movie about a bullied girl written by Stephen King.

  22. Kevin Fitzhenry says:

    Yes kids should fight back. If a bully fucks with you, you fuck with them and show him who’s boss. And who cares if they’re bigger that you, you at least try and beat that piece of poor ass shit

  23. Alex N says:

    I wish, and I believe it may be true for some, at least when they’re really little. But most of the time and for kids older than, say, 12, they know exactly what they’re doing. They have by that time a circle of friends and in that circle it’s cool.

    If kids don’t fight back they’ll be carrying it through their whole lives as adults.

  24. ShadowyStealer says:

    Sometimes it isn’t possible to fight back because of numbers of bullies or sheer terror and lack of confidence. But as someone who has been bullied most of my school and home life I’d say hell yes. Cave their skulls in with metal poles, kneecap them, break their noses, fuck em up. If I could go back to my younger self I would tell me to not be afraid and murder the fuckers.

  25. Yves Vaillancourt says:

    Honestly I have no idea what works in stopping bullying. I’ve been bullied from grade school to high school and I’ve tried everything. Tried ignoring them, it made it worse. I tried speaking my way out but they only threw back insults. I tried speaking to counselors and teachers but they didn’t take me seriously (since I was always the biggest kid I guess). Worse thing I did was fight back. I would get swarmed by more kids or I ended up suspended (being bigger meant I couldn’t defend myself).

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