How To Protect Your Child From Bullying

How to Protect Your Child from Bullying on LifeStyles for Women

May 5, 20151 Comment

Do you know if your child is being bullied? Listen in as Judy discusses the top 10 signs and how to help.

He’s Autistic; He Deserved It Say Parents Of Bullies

May 4, 201525 Comments

The parents of students accused of punching and teasing an autistic boy before putting the videos online have defended their children’s actions. Levi Null, 13, has Asperger syndrome, a form…

Cyberbully Trailer (2015) (UK)

April 30, 20150 Comments


OMIGuard – Protect your child from cyber bullying

April 30, 20151 Comment

OMIGuard – Is your child being cyber bullied? Now you can protect your child from cyber bullying. Use this simple app to quickly detect if your child is being bullied and act accordingly. Protect…

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