Child Abuse – Nanny Caught On Tape

December 31, 201424 Comments

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  1. Saikou Barrow says:

    if he was my son i will kill this crzy womane

  2. l Mac says:

    This made me cry. Now I don’t want to put my baby in daycare. Can’t trust
    no one.

  3. Kristin Williams says:

    Crazy Woman.

  4. Demetrius Thers says:

    Sorry to your baby don’t know how long ago but I wish the best to your

  5. jojo rocks says:

    this is why i would never put my babies in any type of day care or have any
    type of baby sitter.when they go to school i will start working until then
    my butt will stay with my babies cant trust anyone.

  6. teila mckendry says:

    Wow, what a freakin idiot sitter… I would bash her face in when I got
    home if those were MY children.

  7. teila mckendry says:

    And, to jackie denise who posted a comment a while ago, A MOTHER WANTING
    TOO MUCH?! So you’re telling me that YOU wouldn’t care if you hired
    someone, you PAID THEM and trusted them to watch your CHILDREN, and she
    just SLUNG THEM AROUND like some kind of GROCERY BAG?! It’s people like
    that I dispise!

  8. Michelle Hill says:

    Was lucky mother caught nanny before kids were hurt bad. She the nanny knew
    the terms of employment before she accepted the job. Would have feared for
    the childrens safety even more as kids started crawling and walking. God
    knows what would have happened to them. Good childminders really do earn
    their money, but their was no excuse for this neglect. I would have been
    arrested if they had of been my kids, cos I would have killed her. Hope you
    get a better more caring babysitter for your kids, good luck

  9. Michelle Hill says:

    I appreciated your views on my comment which was probably said out of
    horror at what I watched on the video. This nanny didnt make a mistake. A
    mistake is something that you dont mean to do. If the baby had of started
    wriggling about in the babysitters arms and she accidently dropped the
    child, you would have seen it on camera and realised that it was a mistake
    and could forgive. Neglect and laziness is not a mistake. It endangers the
    child and the child suffers needlessly. I dont mean to offend.

  10. Donna Garcia says:

    Whom ever thinks what this nanny did was no big deal, is just as disturbed
    as she is, it is abuse to purposely push this baby on the couch like she
    did, I don’t know why someone is calling this mother bad names, he must be
    just as disturbed as the nanny. 

  11. g mac says:

    Mothers need at least one year maternity leave and government regulated
    child care with properly trained and licenced child care workers. Twins
    are hard enough to care for by a biological mother who loves them. How
    realistic is it to expect a stranger to care for young twins on minimum
    wage? I’m glad I don’t live in the U.S.. They talk about how revered
    motherhood is but it’s all lip service. Babies this young should have
    regulated care, or their mothers should be supported so they can be with
    their babies. Better yet, let moms have flexible work and added support.
    These are the minds and hearts of the future we are talking about. Child
    abuse and neglect especially at this time of rapid brain growth and
    development can have lasting effects for years to come.

  12. Nameless says:

    That fat piece of shit nanny.

  13. carolynnj1 says:

    my cousin was in a daycare once, and I had to take her there, and while she
    was in a ballpit (she is 4 btw) an employee went through the ball pit and
    almost STEPPING ON HER HEAD but at the last second she rolled out from
    under. Then the employee pushed her out of the ball pit giving her a big
    scar on her head. We came back the next week to report him? He was promoted
    to DISTRICT MANAGER! Really, look what the world has done to these poor
    innocent children! I get bullied in school because im atheist and i KNOW

  14. howlingwolf707 says:

    Aww poor babies D: at least it wasn’t as bad as the last one I saw why the
    hell am I watching sad shit all the time DX? I need to get out more

  15. 670 616 629 MPH says:

    I hate this species because humans are the main reason for evil.

  16. Eniyah Key says:

    This is so sick

  17. Gore Blaster says:

    This actually wasn’t abusive. The babies were fine. They don’t care if you
    pick them up like a bale of hay, as long as it doesn’t hurt them.

  18. Telvin Beauregard says:

    At least these babies don’t get slapped in the back of the head, or get hit
    everywhere with a thick belt.

  19. Madison McKinney says:

    I hope she die

  20. Lil Zavala says:

    I would have gotten home and BEATEN THE SHIT OUTTA THAT BITCH!!!!!

  21. LovedbcHim says:

    My 4 year old daughter was born 3 months early. A preemie is much more
    fragile than a typical baby too and the way that she treated those babies,
    they could have really gotten hurt if that mom had not gotten home like she

  22. superstubes says:

    What a cow!

  23. MarySancho1984 says:

    What a B….!!!!!

  24. Grown Folks says:

    Neglect….This is why my children never heard of a nanny or even seen a

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