Child Abuse – Nanny Caught On Tape

December 8, 201325 Comments

Child Abuse – A woman caught on tape ill-treating twin babies. Absolutely terrible!

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  1. ArtisticDreams says:

    That ugly bitch was probably just jealous because she knows she’ll never
    have kids. No man in their right mind would want to shove their penis
    inside that ugly old hag.

  2. Elisabeth NOYB says:

    These bitches don’t care coz its not their baby but seriously how can
    anyone with a heart hurt an innocent lil baby? Its just inconceivable. I
    say dont have a baby if u can’t stay home and care for it yourself, coz u
    really can’t trust anybody these days. Thank goodness for nanny cams. Can u
    imagine not knowing this and keeping the nanny and she abuses your baby
    over n over?

  3. Katie Dickson says:

    SHE’D. BE. DEAD.

  4. ROBIN CASSIDY says:

    sorry but I don’t care if your the Pope himself, she got this persons name
    from the newspaper!!!. I wouldn’t trust my kids to anyone and besides that,
    statistic’s show abusers do have impeccable records until they are caught!
    These parents need to start being more cautious! Pediphiles, rapists and
    abusers continue their sick lifestyle until they are caught.. If you are
    in dire need of a babysitter, you need to purchase a nanny cam and use it
    on day 1! Our children are too precious to suffer in the hands of these
    sick individuals. Some instances these poor little angels don’t even
    survive. Please be careful, If you hire someone that you don’t know, you
    have to assume they are capable of doing anything. Is this worth it?

  5. Skorp says:

    Even though I hate being filmed without my consent, I guess sometimes it is
    a must have in this society. George Orwell was right.

  6. alex west says:

    absolutely disgusting

  7. Nicki Kingly says:

    Dont spare her!

  8. HappyQuailsFarm says:

    The prevalence of cameras can really assist those who aim to act with
    integrity in everything they do. I remember working in retailing as my
    first real job at 19 and another young coworker asking me how I felt about
    the cameras that were on us from every turn and angle in the store and I
    told her that I would much rather they be able to see that I am not doing
    something wrong than have them have no way of being certain and go around
    suspecting me along with everyone else. I think the same holds true with
    the Nanny Cams. People should just assume they are being recorded and be on
    their best behavior. It builds good habits through the conscious thought
    that results from the choices that we actively make.

  9. sihass12 says:


  10. Lauren White says:

    I don’t even see how this is child abuse just because she doesn’t pick up
    the baby when it falls on the couch. Sometimes you don’t help your baby in
    every situation, it can help itself. It’s just pathetic how people will
    consider anything nowadays child abuse.

  11. Ariel ASMR says:

    dont have kids if you cant look after them! stop being selfish and going
    back to work. trust no one with ur kids!!!

  12. Mark Jones says:

    beat this fucking fat whore to death!! I hope you read these comments about
    you you POS. Go kill yourself!!!!

  13. Naka Denis says:

    Never trust any fat hoe

  14. Heather Prince says:

    She would not be alive now if it was my kids! Evil, vile woman! 

  15. Fezbot552 says:

    Society Is FUCKED

  16. tran le says:

    She must go to prison

  17. Crimzon Chi says:

    4,481 People are sick fucks!

  18. jerry billingsley says:

    The mom was too nice.I would have walked right through the door and knocked
    her a— OUT!

  19. Jerry694111 says:

    What’s the matter, did a 1yo beat you up when you were a child?

  20. FRANCES Walker says:

    I’m quite sure the nanny/au pair school (if she went to school) didn’t
    teach her to pick up babies like newborn puppies or bales of hay. It’s
    neglect. That is NOT how you handle babies. Her behavior is evil to me. Her
    fat ass shouldn’t be a nanny. Lazy heifer.

  21. A Reese says:

    That child could of died 🙁 who whould do that !!!!!!!!!

  22. Kiara Baniqued says:

    WTF?! some nanny she is! someone arrest this whore

  23. Sid Vedez says:

    This bitch must fucking die

  24. eltoroloco Fan says:


  25. Niamh Harte says:

    She’s one cold hearted nanny

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