Child abuse: state takes toddler from parents who smoked weed, child is killed by foster mom

November 12, 201424 Comments

On Tuesday, a Texas judge sentenced Sherill Small to life in prison for the fatal killing of three-year-old Alexandria Hill on July 29, 2013. Alex was taken out of her home when Child Protective…

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  1. purplepizzaman garcia says:


  2. Jeenius Foo says:

    CPS workers don’t give a shit about your kids, they are in for the

  3. FORG Ek says:

    Good one less human in this world we need this because we are overpopulated
    and the ugly sperm bucket deserved to die. Give me hate, I feed upon it you

  4. Peace.Love.Joy says:

    This is so sad.. Rest in peace beautiful little girl.. Those evil monsters
    are going to a special place in hell waiting for them. Ugh so sickening 

  5. Raging Golden Eagle says:

    When can we start holding CPS accountable for this shit?

    If I were the parents I would sue the living shit out of these fuckers.

  6. RagingFist88 says:

    Where do they find these foster parents really????????

  7. DESiBLUE says:


  8. AlpacaNYC says:

    I feel really bad for the parents, but.. HOW THE FUCK can you smoke weed
    KNOWING that it’s illegal nearly all over the country? what did you THINK
    was going to happen? i support the fight for legal marijuana usage, but
    until then watch your EVERY move.

  9. Le Enderman says:

    The only thing dangerous about marijuana is how the Government will choose
    to punish you for it. “Land of the free?” That’s just false advertising. 

  10. Cameo Vlogs says:

    Life in prison is to good for Sherill Small. RIP sweet Alexandria. 

  11. joe tom says:


  12. yurmomblowsme says:

    There was a time when I honestly believed that the whole medical marijuana
    thing was just a scam so slackers could stay high, like NuclearGrissy.
    And in a lot of cases it is. But 6 months ago I met a woman
    (NuclearGrizzlys mom) that suffered from MS. I saw what a single
    inhalation did. Withing seconds her tremors stopped and she was able to go
    through her meth addiction pain free :D

  13. BladMatyGorella says:

    OMG this country is going straight to hell.

  14. griffin leon says:

    stupid parents

  15. Happy Weed says:

    Alcoholics can keep their kids but this guy can’t?

  16. Kourtni Pullen says:

    I have ms and smoking makes me able to function and take care of my
    children much easier.

  17. Atheist Steven says:

    Brcause smoking weed this hapened idiots weed do not do harm and I don’t
    think the father smoked in the same room with the girl .and thes fuker
    social fuks I hope they bit her face a bit and th e other inmates put some
    shiti things with her o it will be not a dream fuken bitch die in prison

  18. blood117 says:

    So what is the harm of her parents being stoners? Any affection they show
    won’t be real? too high to care for her? or bad influence? or maybe

  19. ghostkilla96 says:

    Smoking weed!? That’s your reason for taking a child away from
    2 very loving parents!? I hope they sue the shit out of CPS. They’re the
    reason why she was killed. They screen potential foster parents better
    giving them a fucking child to take care of. 

  20. a guy whos angry says:

    This is pathetic, i hope the government is putting them up for life now. 

  21. caston wetherell says:

    I think smoking weed when ya have an infant is extremely stupid. But if I
    saw my parents high, I can make my own dinner and such. A 4 year old can’t.

  22. xBLaKHearTx says:

    I do not condone smoking marijuana, or even cigarettes when you have
    children, but seriously, taking a beloved daughter away from parents who, I
    assume, did not physically harm her and chose to smoke MEDICAL choof AFTER
    the kid went to bed…that’s just…RIDICULOUS! How heartbreaking, having
    your beloved child taken away, only to end up worse in someone else’s
    hands. This is sickening. CPS need to be punished for this. It’s happening
    all the time. They punish the innocent, instead of the guilty. How many
    more children need to get hurt because of their stupid decisions? How many
    more parents need to grieve over the loss of their baby or know that their
    child is getting beaten…but have no power to do anything? I’d personally
    bring justice to the CPS worker myself if this were me…

  23. taffygirlgood says:

    Taken away for pot…. my parents were heroin addicts! This is beyond

  24. John Doe says:

    This is whats wrong with people that think government will take care of

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