Child Safety and Internet Safety

April 25, 201325 Comments

Take a look at this video on computer an internet safety. In this day and age, you have to be proactive with your child’s safety.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. nathanrs10 says:

    he sounds like a pedophile in this video lol

  2. AKnobGoblin says:

    Don’t you mean fuck?

  3. DeltaPhi79 says:

    So am I the only one thinking that this video is supposed to be showing you how stupid parents are sometimes around now? They don’t raise their child properly and wow, what do you know? They actually WANT to do the things Chris is suggesting they don’t and you NEED to take these measures! Come on just give your kid common sense when they’re like… 5 so they know later on. I’m 14 and I have my own computer and am allowed on and do what I want since I have common sense.

  4. lozzaownz says:

    On windows if you give them a non administrator account you can do alot to stop them doing stuff.

  5. bestvidsdottk says:

    @dxproductions100 if you were my kid i bet you wouldn’t be able to get passed my Parental Controls

  6. bestvidsdottk says:

    Aw you took a cute little fake I.Q. quiz on line. Thoes dont count you probably a 100.

  7. bestvidsdottk says:

    @dxproductions100 G Data + AVG, That has nothing to do with anything though. I’m majoring CS. Not to be rude but I know much more than you.

  8. Nawtmai Reelnayme says:

    Lol, I made that comment two years ago.

    And, no, it was a test given to me by my local government, to see where I stood intellectually at the time. They do that for certain students in Jersey.

    Admittedly, I.Q. tests are incredibly flawed, no matter where they’re from, so coincidentally, yes, it’s probably wrong.

    My point remains the same, however. You did nothing but assume something.

    With proper parental guidance, the internet is very awesome. Parents, guide your kids.

  9. bestvidsdottk says:

    @dxproductions100 No, that is not true there are certain 12 year-olds that do know more than adults.

  10. bestvidsdottk says:

    @dxproductions100 whats your email I want to send you something?

  11. firetrucksnfishcakes says:

    you’re awesome

  12. doom3134 says:

    Same with me, except, they do anything to my computer, and their computer will be found outside, in a puddle of water, smashed into pieces.

  13. MetallicRaver says:

    An adopted Father / you loser

  14. NWAday says:

    keyloogers are NOT safe. if a hacker gets in ur pc and he hacks into the keylogger they can see usernames, passwords, bank numbers, confidential e-mails, and all important, private, confidential documents.

  15. aweinsto says:

    This is a new product for Protecting Children on the Internet.
    This is amassing! -Take a look :

  16. tallyhoman911 says:

    lucky XD

  17. eric777100763 says:

    Thanks for the video. I am 47 and my son 11 and we BOTH think it is GOOD!! My son says however, the DS rocks!!!

  18. tinzovideo says:

    I am 15.

  19. aweinsto says:

    As parents, we all want to protect our children when they go online.
    Thanks to advances in technology this is getting harder and harder to
    do. Internet predators are getting smarter and so are children. When
    you buy parental security software, you have to update it on a regular
    basis and monitor new websites to ensure nothing gets past the
    program. Thanks to SnipeSlider, it no longer has to be this way. This
    handy program works (and continues to work) as a key to the Internet. Snipeslider,com

  20. Jjunior130 says:

    im 8 FUCK!!!!! lmfao

  21. Kyoki64 says:

    I’m 12 and what is this

  22. Minnesota Zones says:

    As parents, we want our children to be out of any way of harm. Fuck Facebook or soap operas! Get the hell out there and tell your kids what is right from what is wrong! Don’t buy web-cams, or microphones for game consoles. Buy it when they are at a mature age. Until then, keep an eye out. Block porn sites and channels on the television that seem inappropriate for their age. You care for your child’s well-being? You want them to get raped or molested? Then go teach them what can happen, dammit!

  23. TheMrSpartanking says:

    I’m 19

  24. MegaShadow41 says:

    That’s good to know…

  25. MegaShadow41 says:

    Your imagination your preview of life’s coming attractions young one. Oh wait meme never mind…

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