Child Abuse – Child Forced To Return To Abusive Family

August 31, 201325 Comments

This video was given to me by subscribers to my blog. The extended family shooting the video claim the child has been subjected to severe child abuse and was forced to return to his abusive family. You see his fear of having to return to his parents.

This video is of his extended family trying to protect the young boy. The extended family would like you to call Mari Gunderson at 715-839-6906 to have the boy taken out of his parents house. The extended family feel the young boy’s life is in danger.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. Darren Stars says:

    im sick of animal and child abuse

  2. Darren Stars says:

    WTF Nikki you ok?

  3. Bladeshamer9 says:

    Holy shit.

  4. 50zezima says:

    How sad! I’m so grateful that you guys did this! 🙂 I sure hope that kid is still okay today! :'(

  5. 50zezima says:

    That guy showed so much love by holding him. You guys I could tell are very kind and you remind me of my family. Its like seeing someone that I know and feeling like I should be there

  6. Deborah Ebeyer says:

    So has his real family killed him yet?

  7. Deborah Ebeyer says:

    Nikki’s a stupid cunt.

  8. passion4nails925 says:

    The poor boy!! Omg!

  9. Stacy Ramirez says:

    OMG this is so sad poor kid, thank god does ppl helped you. God bless you all<3

  10. PaprikaStarburst says:

    He must be scared and confused as hell 🙁

  11. mariasoledadpaloma says:

    really sorry you had to go trough that… felt so helpless as i watched this video. i feel really sad inside for this boy is he ok nbow?

  12. Amanda Steven says:

    Fucking abuseive people, let me grab my knife and kill them

  13. candycanecakes9 says:

    Is their something seriously wrong with you?

  14. mikedrane65 says:

    I wish I was back here to help you people I would definitely a few people like that make me sick I don’t blame you don’t give him back do your best you get in touch with me I’ll help you financially don’t give him back I’ll help you

  15. edward weldy says:

    OMG I just balled my eyes out watching this I have a 2 yr old son I would fuckin kill someone if they hurt my baby…. I wish I could help that seriously brakes by heart to see that… please tell me u were able to keep him!!!

  16. edward weldy says:

    that was so hard to watch the mother looks like a piece of shit that baby isn’t acting like that for no dam reason something is going on thank god for u grandparents!!!!

  17. ciciboom10 says:

    You did the rigt thing god loves u

  18. chelsea moloney says:

    Aww poor boy god bless you for helping him x

  19. estellaf1910 says:

    man whi saved that boy bless your heart you did the right thing i am in tears because that was the first time i saw any one do that bless your heart!

  20. mietzoe says:

    God this poor child…. I am crying so hard. Thanks for people like u who protect this child from this ‘parents’…

  21. joshua labanda says:

    U know wut i would do I’d say GET THE FUCK OFF MY ARM BITCH and then punch her if she refused to get off and then she would run away then id say how DO U LIKE ME NOW MOTHAFUCKING BITCH HUH!! LOL

  22. Jody Lee says:

    anyone find out an update?

  23. xxcinxx84 says:

    Poor baby..

  24. eliana molina says:

    I am so happy that the family has him I hope is is really happy now

  25. Kiyah Achziger says:

    I cried

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