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August 8, 201325 Comments

An associate of mine gave me this video about child safety while owning firearms. Just some basic tips about securing firearms so that only YOU have access to them.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. 007redneckwoman says:

    and when my daughter handle my unloaded guns, i have taken that oppurtunity to practice safe handling she never has her finger anywhere by the trigger, and ive taught her to always have it pointed in a safe direction.She now tells me everytime, take the bullets out,she thinks their always loaded and thats what i want.Its an effective practice, realy.You dont want your child to be curios, that will get them hurtor someone else hurt.Satisfy their cuoriosity,and you can also teach them gun safety

  2. Thomas Cleere says:

    Awesome video, I have been looking for a way to balance home defense and gun safety. I always kept my guns locked, but I was paranoid that I would forget and leave the key where a child could get it. After seeing your video I checked for those gun vault electric safes at the gun shop, and they had them at almost 50% off. Now I have one and I feel confident that no unauthorized person can get my gun, all while being able to access my gun faster than ever before. Thanks!

  3. oslejr69 says:

    Like every other one of your videos, very very good. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us.

  4. megasif says:

    Trigger guards ruin coatings on guns. Never let anyone hold or see your gun even when empty. Never use ear protection. Bombs landing next to you is worse.

  5. BronyMusicalWubs says:

    Hello hickok45 i really want to thank you for taking the time to make these videos and show us your weapons and for teaching us all safty cause you can never be too safe and could you k

  6. BronyMusicalWubs says:

    And could you make a video of semi.22 rifle

  7. The1337CSS says:

    A guy at the Gun Show here in Indy was sitting at a table talking to someone on the phone waving a handgun around and pointing it as he was “talking with his hands” on the phone. There was a lock going through the barrel but my brother and I both without hesitation confronted the guy and began talking to him about safety. He looked at my brother & I as if we were crazy people & continued waving it around like it was nothing. To this day it disgusts me just to think about that guy.

  8. dane hardy says:

    I just taught my kids the rules

  9. Jokūbas Burba says:

    I wish u was my grandfather couse my dad never lets me touch his unloaded guns and im really in to firearms 🙁

  10. Bill Anderson says:

    Thanks Hickok! I raised three boys with the same thought about satisfying their curiosity, the same method my father used on me. They are now grown men and two are using the same process with their children (the oldest girl cant wait to get inside granddad’s gun safes). Take the mystery out of the guns and teach safe handling everytime they come out of the safe and you will start the next generation off on a long and safe journey through firearms.

    Keep up the good work Hickok!

  11. Trevuar L says:

    24 people don’t think gun owners should be safe with their firearms.

  12. Taylor Everette says:

    if someone tries to break into hickok45’s house, they deserve to be on dumb crook news and nominated for the darwin awards.

  13. Robert Jensen says:

    Want the real answer? Because, most liberals have a gut-level hatred of guns. If they could, they’d ban guns altogether. Since they can’t, their second choice is to create a US-wide aversion to guns, and they want to start kids off young with an irrational fear and hatred of guns. Liberals want to slowly and surely “de-gun” America. Last thing they want people to know is that guns can actually be used safely.

  14. Robert Jensen says:

    You have real mental problems.

  15. Robert Jensen says:

    I’m not a big fan of those trigger locks he used. I have discovered that you can, on many guns, pull the lock mechanism backwards(while it is on the gun) and make the trigger go “click”. Meaning, in theory, someone could load around into the breech, and then pull the lock back to fire the gun. I think those trigger guards are a bad design.

  16. megasif says:

    Maybe so maybe I am right.

  17. Torben Diehard says:

    08:38 You are so right in that! Boys urge to be boys.
    I Europe (Scandinavia) boys are not allowed to be boys. Thats why (also in US) that so many accidents happen: Unawareness of what happens if!
    My son was one of those getting involved in tuning mopeds. I decided to give him a speedway machine and let him run tired on the dirt tracks: He then sold his moped and went to the bicycle – as it was cooler and he didn’t need to impress the girls. They go and see him on the track.
    Same as guns and cars

  18. huntersdaddy527 says:

    Just bought my wife her first handgun. We have 3 boys, upon purchasing the firearm I bought her an electronic safe. In my opinion it was a better purchase than the firearm itself. Love my guns, love my family and their safety more! Great video, stay safe friends!

  19. TrailHustler says:

    Biggest mistake a parent can make is not allow a kid to satisfy his/her curiosity when it comes to guns. I took my son shooting for the first time about a month ago; however, I’ve had already talked to him about gun safety and I allowed him to hold and grasp the firearm.

  20. Jarod Macor says:

    Thank you Mr Hickock, I live in Belgium and I often look at your very informative videos.
    It is certain that security is very important with firearms.

  21. Steve Hamilton says:

    Super great video hickok, this is the basic to know before having a firearm! Thx for sharing this! Take care!

  22. CookinWithCows says:

    I always shot those gas/air rifles with the little metal BBs that they have on the fairgrounds and when I was 13 or something my stepdad took me to an open day in a shooting club in germany (I’m german) and that was the first time I shot .22 LR and unfortunately the last time too, then guys started to run amok in schools and I couldn’t get into shooting. Now I’m in england and going back to germany next year and I bought a pair of glasses already for eye protection and don’t have a gun yet 😀

  23. harvey schrader says:

    As a kid, after shooting my buddys bb gun, I have always had a fascination with rifles.
    My dad owns four different types of rifles(real guns) and never brought them out to satisfy his oldest son’s curiosity. To this day, hes never even mentioned them, despite my strong interest.
    Heres the kicker, I was home alone when I first found them, all unlocked and piled in a closet with the ammo. As a firearm owner, I know that this can be very “unsafe” and illegal.
    I’v since grown up and got my own.

  24. Ryan Emery says:

    I need your opinion on this: I’m torn between a G19 g4 and G23 g4. I was dead accurate with the G23 more than the G19 however, I didn’t like the recoil in the G23. Which would you recommend for a LEO?

  25. Jason Hume says:

    I was raised the same way and proud of it. I’m going to teach my children the same way once they come around (not gonna have kids when I’m still a teenager ;). I always look forward to your videos Hickok, keep em coming.

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