Child Abuse – Child Prostitution In Kenya

September 10, 201323 Comments

This video was sent to me to raise awareness on the child abuse situation in Kenya. Kenya’s stunning beaches attract thousands of tourists each year but this tropical paradise hides a harrowing secret. Children as young as 6 are having to risk their lives and sell sex in order to survive. As night falls, Kenya’s nightclubs fill up with European male tourists picking up teenage girls.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. PuppyGeneral says:

    European white men a some sick fucking people


    “My body is the temple of God”…. poverty made her sell her body but she still sees it as the “temple of God”. Very strong yet simply stated.

  3. Georgy Jose says:

    simply stunning! . cant come of out the reality of getting a iphone for doing some questionnaire 🙂 . dont think its funny, give ur delivery addr with phone number to make sure you get it. its worth a try here >->

  4. Koen Jochums says:

    “They can think they can get away with anything.” The young girls themselves go looking for the white tourists. Is this such a dark secret then? When I was in my teens, would have loved to have sex with older women for money. Why so fucking serious?

  5. paul John says:

    Dirty bastards… what are the Kenyan men doing about this?! Time for some vigilante justice I say, get down to these clubs/beaches and beat the shit out of the tourists involved.

  6. Michelle Sakaio says:

    could you please tell me what you would gain from that?

  7. jimsyhot says:

    the sick-incest and mind twisted tourists I have witnessed while in Kenya:
    1. Brits (seriously something is really wrong with them- they still think they colonize africa and run all over like its their damn country..molesting anything they find in their way. Google British soldiers raping Maasai women, etc)
    2. Germans.
    3. Swedes (include other Scandinavian countries here too)
    4. French

  8. Lindsay Stearns says:

    But with your hope comes the fact that they most likely contracted the disease from the girl herself, which is truly sad to know that there are 10 years old in Kenya that might have HIV.

  9. Zach Zachman says:

    Why, so they can spread it to the kids they molest?  What would really be nice is to see them executed but I won’t hold my breath.

  10. ReligionOfSacrifice says:

    That was a bit painful.

    To hear a child say, “My body is the temple of God” while still going to the beaches for sex with adult males.

    I suppose I do not know what it is like to have nothing. Nor do I know the pain of an empty stomach during most breaths of my life. God help her and may many find a purpose to helping her too. She’s going to need it.

    And yet I know of a story of Lazarus in paradise while the rich man who ignored him was in the fires.

  11. Incredible Zorro says:

    You are just as twisted as the pedophiles. You are implying that these molesters should get infected by the children. How do you know, the pedophiles themselves are not the ones spreading hiv/STDs. And if they do get hiv, they are only going to spread it to more kids.

  12. keiko909 says:

    going on holiday to pick up ridiculously young girls? thats fucked 🙁

  13. Kris Hohaia says:

    Cunts with Money.. what assholes!

  14. Rebecca Grant says:

    How can this be stopped? Get rid of money and burn all paedophiles alive? Something has to be done!!!

  15. Piggyin TheMiddle says:

    excellent. id never considered a holiday in kenya before

  16. andres herrera says:

    White people are disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. King Wol says:

    these girls that live in the apartment arnt 13 and 14 their in their 21s

  18. obo umami says:

    well, it is not nice, but however, the girls say they are 13 but they are 23
    so ? who is fucked ?

  19. jeannette hilaire says:

    am coming am coming , this will stop…… man are sick .. this is my mission ttrip

  20. Kamyontani says:

    prostitution as a vice is really a western notion.

  21. VERONICA MMARI says:


    unbelievable! as he himself said, it’s shocking that this isn’t even a secret. how bad should this have to get for appropriate action to be taken. so annoyed.

  22. VERONICA MMARI says:

    one more thing; thanks for this documentary! lovely job, thanks for creating awareness

  23. yodunnit says:

    so so wrong

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