Child Safety Tips from KinderVision

April 10, 201325 Comments

Detective Chris McDonough, a specialist in child safety, gives tips for kids and parents on how handle being approached by strangers.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. Yale Kolin says:

    1 new tip: Pay close attention to intersections so you know where you are. If you have a cell phone, call 911 s

  2. Yale Kolin says:

    1 new tip continued:…so you can te

  3. MODERNGAMERS66 says:

    To attract attention- Fucking scream and kick

  4. Lindsey Styles says:

    “Hey little girl, what’s your name?”
    Seems legit.

  5. ninjaxnaruto125 says:

    I know this is kinda stupid, but if anyone can please answer without being to rude, What if you are aproched and you are in your cant excatly say no run away, come ladies we’ve all ben there before. what is the best thing to do.

  6. FPSInternationalLeon says:

    by asking for “erections”?

  7. Kristi Hopkins says:

    That looked like Kevin Nealon at the front door.

  8. jasmine peach says:

    ok I know this is very educational and helpful….but I’m sorry at 3:10 asking for erections??

  9. JokerPoker2010 says:

    Say no and run away.

  10. JokerPoker2010 says:

    I’m surprised that not one stranger danger video mentions anything about screaming fire. Whenever something doesn’t feel right, you scream fire at the top of your lungs, it attracts the most attention.

  11. theghostkiller56 says:

    Thanks for geting away from stangers so i have to kick and break strangers arms for real kevin

  12. agressivfish2297 says:

    pull out a knife and stab the shit out of them

  13. AmberStruck12 says:

    9:10 Pedobear?

  14. thebluephoenixhpthg says:

    He should have said
    ‘Well, If your’e so smart, what’s my mother’s name?’
    Then run like the wind!

  15. Tyler Hodelin says:

    Hey kids what do you yell no!!!!!!!! (pedo bear waving)

  16. SiriusWolfStudios says:

    “Hey, what’s up? Why ya cryin’, Girly? Somethin’ wrong? Y’ lost? Run away, maybe? You know, I fancy myself a therapist, on the side. Heh. You c’n talk t’me,” – Mneni.

  17. shaymin2348 says:

    5:26 pedobear

  18. xj0469clank says:

    I got approached at middle school me and my friends yelled screw you child molester and ran

  19. Isabelabc123 says:

    7:04 lunesta form the big comfy couch

  20. Yasmine mobley says:

    Shoot I wished a stranger would’ve came up to me and tried somethin funny wit me! A bih would’ve straight drop kicked someone right where they stood!

  21. GamerGirl22443 says:

    @Alex Lee good idea I was thinking the same thing or bare spray

  22. SuperSmilyface2 says:


  23. natgirl2792 says:

    THis is why you should take lysol or maise in yut backback

  24. Tyler Hodelin says:

    Hey kids what can you do to attract attention pull out a ak-47 and shoot that bitch

  25. Olag Gan says:

    Stranger danger must to adults as well and if a kid said to me sir I have lost my dog could you help me look for him or her I would say no kid I cannot and then leg it.

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