Child Sexual Abuse – Tips On What To Look For

June 25, 201324 Comments

Child sexual abuse happens everywhere. The abuser can be anyone. This video gives statistics on child abuse and what to look for in if your child is victim of child abuse.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. Ambra911 says:

    Great video! I am a sexual abuse survivor…..I also have video on my YouTube page, too! Check them out sometime and subscribe 🙂

  2. sucubus rios says:

    This is sad..

  3. Emma Sparks says:

    My father was a pedophile who kidnapped many girls (10-12 yr.old) and locked them in cages while brutally raping them (like me). He forced me to burn their bloody clothes and help him bury the bodies. I was 5-9 yr. old when this occurred, but I’ve been raped since I was 4 months old. He was later caught and killed in jail, and my mother was killed by him when I was 2 yrs. I’m 12 now and live with a foster family…but get abused by them too.

  4. Hugo Garcia says:

    Im so sorry

  5. Hugo Garcia says:

    See that’s the kind of people that pissed me off for abuse little kids

  6. kinzi789456123 says:

    . I Was Sexually Abused . My Mom And My Dad They Would Take Turns . I Didnt Shower For Weeks Because I Always Had Company In The Shower That I Didnt Want It Started When I Was About 5 And My Mom Had Walking In On My Dad touching Me on The Couch , And She Was Mad At First Then Weeks Later She Started And I WAS So Confused Because She Was My Mom . Next Day She Called My Dada Over And They Was Like Pars 4 Times A Week 3 Times A Day . But I Called My Step . Im With Him Now . Living Great .

  7. TheCoolpugs says:

    If u guys have anything happening to u weather it’s your being abused or a friend a person or something being abused speak up call the police.

  8. Cocofaith2000 says:


  9. emoondacase says:

    I hate my dad. He touched me when I was 8 now that I’m older I reliased

  10. Ceyanne Capella says:

    Your getting abused,huh?
    Talk to Mr.Jesus.

  11. Tommygta008 says:

    This shit is stupid

  12. Tommygta008 says:

    I hate all of you child’s

  13. MPQZbvncx says:

    thats sad.

  14. ZTahcoo says:

    @tommygta008 smart ass -_-

  15. hectoraguilar146 says:

    tommy u used to be a kid so stop messing wit those God damn haters these days -.-

  16. canapa51 says:

    I was sexually abused by my dad hae made me take of my clothes and he would lick me and once he put his dick in my vagina he is in jail and this happend with my mom but she had therapy and she is good

  17. janaebingley says:

    I’m sooooo sad

  18. Yolanda Flowers says:

    This is so dumb for stuff like this to happen

  19. Joo Jee says:

    You should never say that an abused child is broken forever. They are not broken forever. You can do something about it, you may not ever forget what happened to you but you have the opportunity to change how you see life and NOT let him win. Counselling really helps. You will NOT stay broken forever. Thats the worst thing you can say and the worst thing abused people can read because then they will forever believe they are damaged and not worthy. If you have been abused, you are not broken.

  20. Rylee Griego says:

    My cousin raped me :/

  21. yer maw says:

    peeps we have a survivors group on fb please join us 🙂 its private

  22. Aliyah Simms says:


  23. Aliyah Simms says:

    These children all are beautiful bless them and may they remain in peace with no harm

  24. saintben2008 says:

    i am just now in my life realizing that what happened to me was not normal. speaking from experience, it effects every part of your life.

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