Child Sexual Abuse in Pakistan: Animated.

April 22, 201320 Comments

Here is an animated video on different scenarios that may happen to your child. The video is from Pakistan with engilsh subtitles.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. AolanApara says:

    heyi really need to find somebody who clicks with me

  2. punu302 says:

    gooood Job

  3. scar259 says:

    kids power!!

  4. allycious31 says:

    Such a great effort… these kids were saved but not every child is bold like this… we need to educate our children…please start this kind of shows on regular tv statiions………!! this is important!!!! stop showing stupid cartoons to this!

  5. allycious31 says:

    one dislike!? are you kidding me?? the one who disliked this video is a child molestor PEDO!!

  6. lurconis666 says:

    that’s no child abuse, just some hot cousin x cousin experimentation

  7. awaiskhan333 says:


  8. calvingmail says:

    Pakistanis suck..disgusting pigs

  9. Rana Hassan Munawar says:

    Exactly we should educate our children about this. Children are innocent they dont know what is on the mind of Adult. I think parent should take care about their children and about the servants in the house.

  10. didgedude1 says:

    there is plenty of that here in the u.s. as well.

  11. TheFatcakes03 says:

    yay that kid gets a gold star !

  12. ak1997424 says:

    everyone should teach their kids things like this 

  13. DOPEbelle says:

    Smart ass kids, ! do proud of them lol

  14. Said Muhammad says:

    See this Youtube Poem on Child Sexual Abuse Copy and Paste:
    child sexual abuse Said Omar Muhammad Poet

  15. rhymeforever says:

    @calvingmail I hope you’re trolling, you ignorant cunt. Every country on the face of the planet faces that shit. If you are fucking around, really poor taste.

  16. cheyenna albritton says:


  17. jacob8624 says:

    this is wierd im derpy hooves

  18. amitsingh2oct says:

    hahahah its so funny

  19. ob913cupcake says:

    Me and my friend, whenever someone touches us and they don’t stop we scream “SEXUAL HARASSMENT” everyone just states at us like we cray cray.They don’t do anything sexual they just poke our arm

  20. TheEsotericDesi says:

    True, just like Mohammed…

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