How To Protect YourChildren – Child Sexual Abuse

April 10, 201325 Comments

Short film about child sexual abuse.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. Charlene Robertson says:

    @megaman6974,I totally agree with u.not sure y u think so but I don’t think this could EVER raise awareness.Its almost as if their making fun or something…..

  2. Weston Stout says:

    Shit, when she ran away she forgot that laptop!

  3. Tyler Calais says:

    this real because if i see that guy i will fuck him up
    he will be shittin bricks out of his hand

  4. Kelsee SoWeird says:


  5. Christina Rivera says:

    The first part scared me lol

  6. Michael Jackson says:

    fuckin all the time wid fuckin daddy ,n still u r tellin ,dear daddy,, haanh,!,, y don’t u tell that ,,fuckin daddy….bitch..

  7. Michael Jackson says:

    y she rote a letter to her father ..y not mother!!! i think she rote that letter 4 the reason y, her daddy didn’t fuck so well every night (may be he is drunken) n she needs her fucked to be hard yess she needs hard core fucking…yeah … shhhhhhhhhh…..

  8. james12harvey says:


  9. Sabine Claase says:

    STay in your heart. Don’t try to run…. Please

  10. janneli bailon says:

    omg lol nice video

  11. MineraftCreeperGirl says:

    my friend lost her dad because of that. worst, it happened when she was four!

  12. nancy barlow says:

    Nothing worth killing yourself over the blame is not the child’s she should of waited for her drunk dad to wonder in and bash his skull in with a hammer that would give her closure and justice .

  13. baby chiik says:

    You totaly killed that role.get it?

  14. arnel tenido says:

    it is very good film….

  15. Stephanie Adams says:


  16. Frothykinzz246 says:

    Wow, you should totally be a film editor or something! Great short film! 🙂

  17. trailawaydriver says:

    Y does he have to be drunk 🙁

  18. kenyo herrera says:

    This is freeking scary

  19. Fate Ekoda says:

    Lol I was gonna day and she left all her shit like her laptop but then she jumped off then I was like oh no wonder

  20. origamiyoda3 says:

    Om nom!!!!!!!!

  21. origamiyoda3 says:

    She left with just her bathrobe on

  22. Ruth Ou says:

    Shizer!!! My dad aint trustworthy either

  23. max1995ml says:

    Che vergogna


    ha ha

  25. kirstenmikkola says:


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