Child Sexual Predators: The Familiar Stranger.

April 15, 20134 Comments

New York State Sex Offender Video

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  1. OfficialSOIssues says:

    Just the usual fear mongering BS and a person / organization claiming they are the National Sex Offender registry when they are not.

  2. jim man says:

    in each one of these cases the registry was useless. meaning all the laws and registry dose not work or prevent the crime. so why all the hysteria with the lowest recidivism rate other then murder. the problem with these organizations is they will not accept the truth that the registry protects no one and does not prevent the crime. this crime can not be prevented so get over it. the only way to prevent this crime is to be aware of your child and all people around them especially authority lol.

  3. Chris Sonny says:

    I certainly feel the list of signs they presented is too general, because those are the very same things any regular american teenager experiencing today. Meaning those signs are the daily burdens of any children or teenagers carrying due to a dysfunctional parent-child relationship, or various problems. I do not mean to judge the parents, i’m saying when parents are not giving enough attention to his/her children there are cracks where others can step in and cause more harm.

  4. Chris Sonny says:

    And why keep promoting the website that gives false sense of security and doing zero percent of work in keeping the community safe? How is that the way to keep the families safe while having so many flaws already?

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