Child Protective Services Takes Baby After Mom Asks For Doctor’s 2nd Opinion

May 4, 201325 Comments

On April 27, 2013, MOX News in Sacramento, CA  reported a family was torn apart after a 5-month-old baby boy was taken from his parents following an abuse investigation.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. UnitedBoycott says:

    those PIGS should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. funkateer17 says:

    It’s funny how it always seems to be white people who go through this type of thing. it’s like the powers that be are out to crush white G_entiles.

  3. TheBOG3 says:

    Yeah idiot, maybe they would have if that hospital wasn’t making mistakes like the mother said. They have a right to a second opinion too.

  4. TheBOG3 says:

    How about going after the source of all of this, the doctor who LIED to cps. Of course cps screwed up too, but there would be no problem at all if the doctor hadn’t lied to cps just because the parents took their child out of that screwed up hospital without a “proper” discharge.

  5. TheBOG3 says:

    They’re probably American citizens.

  6. mcetcher says:

    4:15 …”you came from a country that doesn’t have the freedoms we have here” LOL! What freedoms? WTF? this wasn’t a story showcasing American freedom. The news anchor should have said “you moved from one communist country to another, thank you for choosing ‘Merikkka!”

  7. servicelocation says:

    Listen to audio of Cps social worker getting off on kidnapping and committing fraud. riversidecpscorruption. blogspot .com

  8. DeltaJuiletSierra says:

    I love fat cops and fat social workers. Hungry for power and big macs. They’re gonna eat that baby.

  9. cloudranch says:

    MSNBC host, Melissa Harris-Perry states the following:

    We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities. Once it’s everyone’s responsibility, and not just the household’s, then we start making better investments.

    We are being collectivized by the Global Corporatocracy.

  10. Jiu Xianghou says:

    Oh I agree. There needs to be some concern on this matter too. I believe when The Constitution is brought back 100% with no unlawful infringement then we can see to all matters and solve these problems with morally sound actions. Why don’t you simply be the best father you can be and have the child come to you when she/he reaches 18 yrs of age? By that point that child can make his/her own decisions and choose the better side of the family?

  11. CB775NT says:

    Criminal minion cops and paedophile cps bastards need to be put in check. Cops you ever come to my house to steel my kid, you ain’t ever going to see yours again friend. Come to my house with a pedo thief Gov worker see what happens to you and who ever your with clowns. The Gov runs the biggest pedo rings in the world, never let them take your kids for no reason die defending them if need be..

  12. CB775NT says:

    The criminal Government is acting fully overtly now a day, this is a conspiracy theory they did not take her kid?. The mentally ill public hears that and it’s over, you have any clue how many ethnic babies the Gov steels?. They are manly poor folks that can’t do much about it, the Gov is a crime syndicate deal with it cowards. It is well known vet police good cops, state the new breed of minion class police are no good. They are dumb monkeys, with zero reasoning skills, they would have beat her.

  13. CB775NT says:

    Sorry they would have killed her for not complying, these rat mother fuckers!!!. Vigilante justice is how folks should react to these criminal scum.. 

  14. cloudranch says:

    The hospital, the CPS worker are obviously totally guilty of personally subjective assault of these two young people and their baby…. BUT, these mush head cops that just do whatever the state orders them to do AND WITH THEIR HANDS ON THIER GUNS!



  15. karaline1990 says:

    I would have gotten my shot gun and shot that fat cps bitch. Did they even have a warrent.

  16. amazingblur says:

    Why do people have to shoot kids at schools and bomb marathons when you can target CPS officials and know no innocent person was hurt?

  17. troykool14 says:

    What a bunch of crap. CPS is so concerned about “privacy” yet they abuse their position to get the police to forcibly remove your own baby from you. We are descending into a police state. This is what we get when our constitution is repeatedly trampled and re-interpreted into oblivion. Wake up people. Do we want to be free? If we do, then we need to hold government officials accountable for upholding their oaths to protect our constitutional rights.

  18. troykool14 says:

    The government through Orwellian double-speak laws like the patriot act, NDAA, etc, etc has become a band of paternalistic dictators. The state and local governments are just following suit.

  19. troykool14 says:

    Welcome to orwell’s 1984 version 2.0, and it only gets worse from here. Just wait for the cameras on every corner, drones in the sky, a surveillance state that would make Hitler and Stalin jealous. Yep, that’s where we are headed if people don’t start waking up.

  20. marcelaruby84 says:

    A friend had their baby taken away, CPS told foster family horror stories not true- we knew personally the foster family and kept quiet until court proceedings and they were our witnesses that CPS lied to us and the state we won but now our daughter sais CPS made her go to counseling where there they made her believe stories we did to her. Who can you trust? No one! They are all corrupt!

  21. marcelaruby84 says:

    A friend called CPS on us, and until basically you can prove otherwise your guilty, the system sucks, there should be laws where if things are found to be un true we should have the right to sue, maybe next time they would think twice before destroying a family!

  22. peternolan1109 says:

    Firstly. The CON-stitution is a scam and you are best advised to totally ignore it and denounce it as the scam it is. Secondly. I disowned my former children as well as my former family. I want nothing to do with them. I completely deconstructed my former identity and created a new one. I am much happier that way.

    I see all the hate filled shrews and their mangina lackeys are still voting my comments down like that makes any difference at all! LOL!!

  23. peternolan1109 says:


    Not true. If you understand what is really going on no crime was committed. The child is the property of the state…the state retrieved ITS property. If people want to reclaim their children back from the state then they are well advised to talk to me and buy our strawman recapture service. They can also do it for themselves. Everything is free and published.

    Channel: MensBusinessAsoc

  24. aseredy says:

    What I dont understand… if you’re leaving a communist country for America… Why would you pick CA as you home state?

  25. Jiu Xianghou says:

    Discarding The Constitution means you gave up your freedoms a long time ago. You are part of the system and it doesn’t help knowing that the government and everyone in black ops are still waiting for their crisp paychecks from their corrupt jobs whether that is illegal or not according to State or Federal. The Constitution is still intact and not dead as you can tell many people praise their 2nd Amendments as do I.

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