Cyber Bullying Kills

April 9, 201525 Comments

A Rejects Production.

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  1. Justine MSP says:

    I just found you on instagram! Can you let me follow you? :)

  2. Alexa Jeske says:

    is this real????!!!! OMG if it is SCREW (FUCK) THE PEOPLE WHO ARE BULLIES!

  3. Zafeerah dewan says:

    I hate CyberBulling 

  4. Joseph Curran says:

    It doesn’t matter of what you look because God made you that way so just
    ignore them if it was a real cyberbulling thing

  5. Dragon Girl says:

    I know how that feels I dident like my size

  6. Letticia Wonoyo says:

    Obese: fat Skinny: slut.


  7. gaming.vlogs says:

    Wtf??!! Why didn’t anyone do anything?… if I saw my friends getting
    bullied I would have standed up for her and also the same thing to this
    poor girl they aren’t real friends

  8. averagebeavers says:

    I’ve been bullied a lot it ain’t funny

  9. sunshine Mel says:

    Don’t let anybody get to you we all want you 

  10. Terrence Lee says:

    But you are beautiful just the way you are I feel sorry for

  11. lps shimmerheart says:

    Did she hang herself

  12. Raylinn Sims says:

    I am so sorry im crying right now i would never do that just ignore the
    people who are being rude to you.

  13. loiloiloi6 says:

    Natural Selection at it’s finest

  14. Zachary Kelly says:

    This is insane cyber bullying needs to stop

  15. Mason Plays says:

    Poor Girl, if this were to be real, don’t judge but I would cry

  16. Mason Plays says:

    She actually hung herself

  17. RevolvingTitans6 says:

    Chinese are all bitches. Fuck Korea fùçk the chinese and fuck the Isis .

  18. Alex Slinkard says:

    <—- I made this picture…

  19. Megan Nunez says:

    Listen you are beautiful and amazing just the way you are never change for
    anybody if they don’t like you who cares you have a lot of people who love
    and care for you and you are not ugly stay strong you are loved by me and
    many others

  20. Jami Christine says:

    Good example. I hate the people who like to make others feel like nothing.
    It’s stupid. 

  21. Garblah Nimley says:

    oh my god that is so bad

  22. Jacqueline Garcia says:

    Is this real?

  23. Faith Bryan says:

    I cried during this

  24. Mlp Warriors says:

    to all you cyberbullies out there… know its illegal right? and when
    that person takes there life….they look through what may have caused
    it….and when the police fine your username under “those comments”……i
    hope you like jail…..

  25. Cool Pup Gaming says:

    2:20 i wish people said that about me ;_;

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