Cyber bullying of child with rare disease

April 10, 201322 Comments

Adalia Rose was born near Austin and has a rare genetic disease called “progeria.” She has millions of fans on her Facebook page — but lately she has been getting bullied. Do people have no shame. We really need to put a stop to bullying.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. Rebuild America says:

    7-2 Heavyweight class for an underground MMA leauge. Im not trying to toot my own horn, im just saying that when a person like me gets involved, people tend to close their mouths.

  2. CasuallyObservant says:

    Why do these parents put their daughter on display like this? She is too little to understand what is going on. She can’t know that many strangers find her appearance shocking and unsettling. It is not “cute” to keep posting videos of this little girl for the titillation of strangers. It is exploitative, exhibitionist and almost bordering on abuse, in my opinion. And yes, I am a parent. I would never subject myself or my child to such public display and commentary. It is just wrong.

  3. CasuallyObservant says:

    Her family (or whomever is posting the videos) must take responsibility for what they have wrought. By publicly offering their special young child up as a “star” of all of these exploitative videos they have encouraged all the crazies to come out and comment. The mom should pull down the videos and stop this whole thing before the daughter is old enough to start reading the comments herself.

  4. mickeycartelify says:

    People will be people, suck it up…

  5. Nash Malicdan says:

    Lol she is made of fail and AIDS… Literally

  6. Jewtubesuckification says:

    why can’t she just die already

  7. ConstantineRobbins says:


  8. scarlettmansfield says:

    I’m shocked bye this whoever did this I will shot them that poor girl

  9. Stephanie Wilson says:

    I have learned if we put ourself out there their are evil people who are hateful. There are to many crazies mom take her Facebook off otherwise you’ll cry everyday. I’m sorry it is sad but it happens. We have to protect our own children nobody else will.

  10. Stephanie Wilson says:

    I agree parents take her off you want her to be ok mean people will never change. If that is true you don’t care what people think then it should not bother you. She is precious . But mom you have to step up protect her take her out of the limelight. There are mean people everywhere that think they are funny they even make fun of the dead it won’t change. Poor sweet girl.

  11. Sara Juric says:

    Why don’t you just shup ut, if you don’t have anything smart to say?

  12. Jewtubesuckification says:

    and you telling me to shut up is smart? pst you’re ignorant as fuck! go away you peasant

  13. mermaidthatcantswim says:

    If someone you knew or cared about had this desease would you wish for them to die? It’s very stupid to wish death on someone.

  14. Renee Evans says:

    People who bully her should just crawl under a rock and die.

  15. MrAbraxas123 says:

    When its her time like everyone else she will die .The truth is that Adalia loves her life so live and let live ?

  16. MrAbraxas123 says:

    You protect the bereaved and victimised boy speaks much good about your character

  17. Genesis Carona says:

    if feal so bad for that little girl i wish i could do something : (

  18. Swann Halligan says:

    I bet you’ll die first. And no-one will notice until your neighbours can’t stand the stench anymore.

  19. 4k3el says:

    What can you do? Even if it was taken down on Facebook it will be on other website. There are sick people in this world, get used to it, it won’t get any better than this.

  20. Littletinystumper says:

    She is beautiful:) how cute:)

  21. Jewtubesuckification says:

    so you’re assuming im going to die in my house? really how and why explain to me why and how im going to die since you know my death

  22. Rebuild America says:

    Sarcastically or sincerely. I dont know, i went off. You dont pick on a kid who just lost a parent. One kid who picked on him after the incident with me almost coming across the room at one of the other kids came up to him while i wasnt around and apologized for picking on him. They arent buddy buddy, but he wasnt picked on much after that. I cant say it was all my doing.

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