CyberBully: A story taught through texts…

November 17, 20149 Comments

via YouTube Capture.

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  1. Judy Oyola says:

    this i sad

  2. Zack Armstrong says:

    This is incredibly stupid. Who says anything after “anonymous” says UR
    WORST NIGHTMARE!!!!111!!!!!1!!!

  3. Dicle Gümgüm says:

    Ooor you dont answer especially after the ‘YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE’ seriously?

  4. xGt5cls96z says:

    Seriously displayrecorder lol

  5. Charlize Tamia says:

    This is really stupid..

  6. Thy Vo says:

    Who was that anyway

  7. Elena Fields says:

    Guys back off Rasm berry probably worked really hard on this video

  8. Alex Chang says:

    hay people. the message of the story clearly says dont cyberbully. so why
    are you guys cyberbullying

  9. Alex Chang says:

    thankyou rasmberry

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