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You must watch this movie if you have not seen it. Great movie on the subject of bullying. Here’s part 1 of the movie Cyberbully on the ABC family Channel.

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  1. Ceryna Smith says:

    This Video Made me cry

  2. woopfashion says:

    Awww so sad needs to stop 🙁

  3. whithney2001 says:

    This made me cry I’ve never cried in a movie and now i did I’ve been bullied a lot in the pass 🙁 thats very sad

  4. shawalaamir12 says:


  5. LegendJ0e4 says:

    Anyone know any other movies like this one i can watch? Please respond, thanks!

  6. TheJustCreative says:

    Her friend is not fake, she just got dumped by someone and wants to protect her friend from the same thing. She’s doing bad thing but not on purpose.

  7. givey0urheartabreak says:

    Its so true though, people say ‘just dont go on the site’ but its so hard to. You get into a state of mind where youre constantly paranoid people are talking about you online.

  8. yourface3500 says:


  9. BeautyAndArtByLaura says:

    So insparatio al

  10. BeautyAndArtByLaura says:

    So insparatio all xx

  11. Eliseah Michelle says:

    Is that Emily Osment?

  12. ashley carter says:

    fake people these days

  13. christine soodoosingh says:

    She was such a fake friend !

  14. christine soodoosingh says:

    She’s just jealous..

  15. mrzstylezz43 says:

    oh m gee sad her friend is a back stabber …

  16. Abigail Kenz says:

    So inspiring

  17. Moll Bangs says:

    oh my god both of her friends are backstabbers!

  18. MinecraftIsEpic1098 says:

    Wheres part 2???

  19. UnityMax UnityThree says:

    Just a quick msg to every one that watches this please read and thumbs this up…
    My name is TsmGh if you are being Bullied on the net work in any way
    please email me at
    Im here for your safety and protection just email me and ill deal with
    thoughs Cyber bullies just fallow my rules befor your plans
    of herting your self.
    Rule 1 : No name unless you want to tell me. your name.
    Rule 2 : proove they are bulling you.
    I’m really smart with the net work… 🙂

  20. perksofbeingkitties says:

    I love this movie so much. It’s so sad but so amazing and inspiring..

  21. Jambohay18 says:

    This shit is painful to watch.It gives an unrealistic portrayal of modern day cyber bullying. Plus the “actors” cant act at sll.

  22. nuromohamed says:

    I cry when I everytime I see this movie.

  23. nuromohamed says:

    I still can’t stand that her friend bid that to her what a bich .

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