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April 10, 201324 Comments

Here is a great movie about bullying called Cyber Bully. This movie shows the effects bullying can have on people. You must watch this movie.

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  1. BlainUtube says:

    well i think it IS okay for someone to comment stating that they didn’t like the video because, you know, this is the “comments” section after all. what i don’t think that is right is if you criticized the video excessively on your comment or say that you didn’t like it in a way that would hurt/offend someone.

  2. Thomas h says:

    i have watched this movie 4 times i cry every time lol 

  3. Thomas h says:

    i have the biggest crush on Kay Panabaker (Samantha)

  4. loveunasa says:

    Omg I wanna b a pickle!

  5. Alyssa Howe says:

    So you think that saying that suicide is “Hilarious” isn’t hurtful? And You must not know what manners are. Ever heard of the thing, “Don’t have anything nice to say, Don’t say it at all.” That goes for the internet too. I do agree that it is okay for someone to state their opinion , but the way that I was raised was if you say something negative add a positive. But that was the way I grew up.

  6. BlainUtube says:

    first of all, let me tell you that i replied to your comment cuz you said “If you didn’t like the movie then you don’t have to comment.”. i didn’t say that person’s [ E.Z. Harry ] comment was in accordance with what i said earlier or that i support it. i merely stated that comments section is for people to send in their opinions, either negative or positive, and when doing so they shouldn’t bash the video to the point of offending someone. that’s it! peace 🙂

  7. MrKappa1296 says:

    suicide is a beautiful thing, I would encourage it and/or endorse it everyday. Especially for people like you.

    i.e. kill yourself.

  8. theCassielynn7number says:

    Fuck you.

    Sincerely, uploader of the video.

  9. xxNeonxxBritelite says:

    This so depressing D:

  10. xxNeonxxBritelite says:

    Hmm? Is that so? Suicide is nothing to joke about. It is serious. Life is glamorous, gorgeous, and breath-taking. Suicide is also a sin in accordance to the Holy Bible of Jesus Christ.
    i.e. Please do not.

  11. Alyssa Howe says:

    See, I don’t know you. So I am not going to waste much time saying this. I don’t care what you say and No, I am not going to go kill myself.

  12. Alyssa Howe says:

    People are rude. xc

  13. theCassielynn7number says:

    And plus, suicide is a horrible thing. I discourage it, in which I’ve tried to kill myself. Especially because of people like you, hiding behind a computer trying to be cool. Trolling, not noticing how bad they’re hurting people, telling me to go kill myself… So just fuck you, you don’t know shit. You don’t give a fuck, you couldn’t care less what any of us did. So get off my video and get a life.
    Thank you.

  14. theCassielynn7number says:

    Sure are, SMH.

  15. theCassielynn7number says:

    The website is based off a website that closed because it caused a girl to kill herself…Maybe it was based off that situation, I’m not quite sure.

  16. theCassielynn7number says:

    Hehehe c:

  17. theCassielynn7number says:

    Trust me, I’ve been your situation… And, I’m serious…I’ve attempted suicide, I’ve cut, but it’s not the answer… And I don’t hate you, I’D be your friend, I’m everyone’s friend and people can’t take TRUE beauty and kindness to heart. I’m over it too, but there’s someone who wants to help you, but keeps their nose out because they’re afraid of being hurt… For example, my boyfriend. He told me before we started dating all he wanted to do was help, but even at 16, was scared. We all love you

  18. theCassielynn7number says:

    You’re very welcome ;)

  19. LessThanThree1274 says:

    While you’re entitled to your opinion, I think maybe you should delve deeper in the more serious topic at hand. Now, I don’t know you or what you come from. But this…this is real. And it happens everyday. On and offline. It’s very serious. And no one deserves that. This may just be a dramatic production of what can go on, but that doesn’t make it any less severe to the victim that is subject to this kind of suffering. It’s true when people say “think before you speak.”

  20. LoverPolarBear says:

    Thank you so much for posting this movie <3

  21. donuthead551 says:

    As someone who’s been bullied before themselves, I think this movie is over the top and ridiculous.  Real bullying is a serious problem, however the producers of this movie show that they can neither portray bullying, teenagers, or simple emotion in a realistic manner. If this movie opens someone’s eyes and prevents them from cyberbullying/committing suicide, that’s great, however as a movie on it’s own, its pretty awful.

  22. wiremu rutledge says:

    thanks so much do u have facebook ??? and i have cut myself 2

  23. wiremu rutledge says:

    hey thanks so much aye do u have facebook ???

  24. kyoyameganebereznoff says:

    I can’t really like Panabaker’s character. She seems really judgemental. Which is not to say that Taylor shouldn’t be cautious when dating.

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