Dear Santa Pls Make Kids Stop Bullying My Twin Sister letter Goes Viral GMA Rush Surprise

November 15, 201325 Comments

A young boy wrote a letter to Santa asking Santa to stop the kids from bullying his twin sister. Inspirational Moving Tear Jerking Story.

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  1. Jessica Kjær says:

    I cry

  2. Benjamin Alicia Chavez says:

    Thumbs up if u cried dislike if our rude reply if our awesome and our eyes
    watered :,)

  3. Jesus Lopez says:

    No mamen! Los niños de ahora no aguantan nada, el bullying fortalece el
    espíritu. Jajaja XD

  4. ash camp says:

    This made me cry ! I’m so emotional

  5. Sam Rice says:

    He’s 8????

  6. Jocelyn Rodriguez says:

    This is just beautiful. <3

  7. Marissa Day says:

    So cute this made me tear up

  8. May Wilson says:

    this is so sad.

  9. Jiomahara Arvizu says:

    No way you don’t cry..

  10. cassandra sacha says:

    me: you’re big girl don’t cry!! 2 seconds later:*tears* me: why u do this
    to me *snif, snif*

  11. 404yoyoyo says:

    Guess god is bz

  12. Alexandra Medina says:

    Thts the most cutest thing I’ve ever seen ❤️

  13. jacobsky18 says:

    he is such a boss

  14. CureKimmy says:

    God Bless

  15. demarius bridgeforth says:

    Who put these damn onions here?

  16. Laura Balog says:

    heheh nooooope i’m not crying:’D

  17. meara365 says:

    It speaks for itself. Just watch

  18. Scott Miller says:

    Thank you! There are no dislike and thats how youtube should be

  19. Mimi Perez says:

    the way he said it though!!! SIS: you don’t have to do that BRO: yes I do
    like he gonna fuck shit up

  20. Melina Adula says:

    :’D Awwwwwwweeeee. If he was 5 years older.

  21. Silvia Jimenez says:

    Omg that’s so adorable

  22. Marcela Garcia says:

    0 dislikes thats right !:-)

  23. Marcela Garcia says:


  24. Jade Horn says:

    I’m not cryin :’)

  25. Darling Santana says:

    God bless them!!!

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