Domestic Nanny on video beating baby caught on Nanny Camera #nannycam #childabuse

April 13, 201515 Comments

Domestic Nanny on video beating baby caught on Nanny Camera #nannycam #childabuse this domestic worker is now paying the price for child abuse The use of media materials is protected by…

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  1. Anna Ramirez says:

    She never beat this baby. Confused??

  2. blaquebyrde says:

    She didn’t even beat the baby !!!!!!

  3. Lizette McGough says:

    Y do they say it caught on can where someone beat a baby and its all fake 

  4. Mr.mincraft man. says:

    That’s acctully a good nanny and baby.

  5. Mikaela Meeden says:

    she didnt do anything to this baby

  6. Adrian Iliescu says:

    Not a convincing video of child abuse if that’s all.

  7. SHAWNA Dick says:

    She didn’t even beat that baby

  8. Crystal Stone says:

    So u didn’t see her hit the baby in the face at the beginning of the video
    and I’m pretty sure the last time I checked you don’t carry a baby by one

  9. Mariela Macias says:

    You people are sick for saying she didn’t hit the baby she was hurting the
    kid and and sure threatening the poor child.. I would do really brake that
    britches face for hurting a child

  10. Carl Gilkes says:

    This nanny doesn’t do anything wrong.

  11. brandice Smith says:

    Who like that she was beating that baby

  12. TakaS013 says:

    I didn’t see beating, I saw some tossing around and hard tapping.

  13. angelbabe2207 says:

    You think what she did was ok??? ya’ll think she is a good Sitter??? She
    smacked that baby in the face and then held her hand up like she was gonna
    hit him again. Them swatted him with a coat hanger. Whether she hurt that
    baby or not she still hurt him mentally!!! Of that was my baby is punch
    that bitch in her face and she would need a hospital!!!!!
    These comments are ignorant!!!! 

  14. Cindy Sue says:

    you guys just look for trouble. she TAPPED the kid with the hanger. you
    don’t know maybe he was saying shut up or something? you don’t know. either
    way she tapped him, she didn’t hit him. and for raising her hand, same
    thing. maybe the kid is rotten? disciplining a child is not child abuse.
    she was ALSO rubbing its belly and back, and being very soothing.
    discipline when deserved is fine. and she didn’t do any type of discipline
    that HURT the kid. I watched this twice.

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