Dr Phil April 27 2015 – Was It Child Abuse, or Was It an Accident?

April 28, 201525 Comments

Dr Phil April 27 2015 – Was It Child Abuse, or Was It an Accident? Dr Phil April 27 2015 Dr Phil April 28 2015 Dr Phil April 29 2015 Dr Phil April 30 2015 Was It Child Abuse, or Was It an…

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  1. boli bic says:

    #DrPhil #AccidentOrNeglect

  2. elly gilissen says:

    wow thats a fast upload thnx

  3. HollyApple777 says:

    18:29 – Where else would you be? It’s the only place in the Western world
    where that COULD happen.

  4. Jenn Terry says:

    I believe the parents. I think it’s horrible that their baby was taken
    away. So many abused kids that need help.

  5. Sara Michels says:

    There should have been further investigation. Not fair at all. I believe
    the parents.

  6. Fantazomi says:

    I am so infuriated! There are so many things investigators missed and did
    wrong. Dad should not be in prison and mom should not be continually
    harassed by these poor excuse of law enforcement and CPS. Disgusting. These
    people broke up a family when clearly there was reasonable doubt. They
    intervened for the sake of trying to save the child? Yeah, right.

  7. Maggie Holtorf says:

    I wonder what he actually said around the 40 minute mark when they
    blatantly ADR’d over the original commentary.

  8. elly gilissen says:

    what i saw on the tape is just so outrages all these police man in the
    home.i think its horrible that cps whant to take the baby from the mother
    she did not do anything to the baby and,i think it was a accident that
    happend and that that cost the illnes of the baby including the brusing
    that happend duering the birth. i realy hope that the dad will get out of
    jail and they get the charges dropt,because its just making me realy sad to
    hear this.

  9. Raven Wings says:

    Sadly these are the times we live in. This is why parents are scared to ask
    for help when things REALLY do happen. I hope he gets out of prison.

  10. Linda B says:

    This is terrible. I don’t believe these parents are guilty at all. Those
    CPS workers and police department should be arrested.

  11. xtine says:

    i’m glad dr phil is on the case. i hold him at least partially responsible
    for that girl with mitochondrial disease being released from the hospital
    in boston.

  12. xtine says:

    i love it when dr phil puts an intrusive government on blast

  13. xtine says:

    @ 33:22 – preach, dr phil!

  14. Cthulhupunk says:

    All the dipshits who are falling for this spin should read the statements
    Dr. Phil keeps glossing over on his website.

  15. Missy Narrance says:

    Hahaha what’s with the super terrible cut / editing at about 39-41??

  16. Emily Unal says:

    18 yrs ago i dropped my daughter down stairs on vacuum i could been charged

  17. ChristyMae921 says:

    I wasn’t there, but I have a lot of doubt that this man hurt his baby. He
    seems honest and he was clearly upset (most men would not cry on national
    television) and it was also clear that they were treated unfairly in their
    case. This is ridiculous and makes me hope that it is put to an end because
    this is clearly not an isolated case. Poor family, and poor baby. 

  18. Meadow Peace says:

    What a sweet little girl. I can’t imagine the father hurting her. He
    looks so broken to be away from her. I hope this family is reunited and
    the CPS/courts/what have you leave them be. There are so many other
    actually abused kids that need help.

  19. Stephanie LaMonica says:

    +Holly Harrison, before YOU attempt to make an intelligent claim, maybe you
    should make sure that you corrected everything in the other person’s
    statement. Just saying. There were quite a few things you missed when
    attempting to make that person look like an idiot and now you’ve made
    yourself look like one. Good job!

  20. Bedazzle Juju says:

    I would be so angry and irrational. Amazing grace these folks are showing.
    Can you imagine…losing 7 months of your babies life, knowing you are

  21. Marsha Janulis says:

    one of the best and most informative dr phil’s of the entire season

  22. Wichita McKluskie says:

    Approximately 2% of the US prison population is innocent. I believe this
    father is in the 2%.

  23. Shelliiaa Ellison says:

    The amish mafia…?

  24. treasurz1 says:

    What a farce, this man didn’t intend to hurt his child. Whatever happened
    was an accident, though I do notice dr phils double standards here. He says
    that we have to hold people to the highest standard before we take their
    children away, yet every other programme he states when it comes to
    children we have to assume guilty until proven innocent. Although I
    disagree with this fathers conviction, he was in fact proven guilty and
    convicted. He should be released and allowed to be with his little girl imo

  25. Salobrena Smith says:

    My friend’s son passed away after having gone to emergency 4 times with her
    3 year old son..he was jumping on the bed and fell, hitting the back of his
    head on the metal frame.. dr’s did not see that he was bleeding internally
    which led to his death. It takes 90 to get into med school, but only 60 to
    get out. .. Not all dr’s are good ones

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