Dwight Howard Child Abuse Resurfaces [KD and Kobe Have Words for Howard]

November 22, 201425 Comments

Dwight Howard is not having a good week. Besides the abundant amount of NBA players who have come forward adamantly about calling Dwight a pu***, an old child abuse case has resurfaced …

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  1. jahmier10 says:

    Dwight Howard is soft and he is a pussy

  2. smackinthatthang says:

    The buckle end is worse. I just saw a horrible video on worldstar were some
    baby gets beat. Messed up my day

  3. Herobrine says:

    I used to get the strap by my old-man, I turned out okay. Sometimes it’s
    not about being nice but being tough, but tbh using the buckle is going

  4. smackinthatthang says:

    Idk man theres some kids that are pretty damn bad that need a good
    spanking. Its the only way some learn. Simply saying no doesnt work on all.
    Obviously dont over do it but sometimes lessons need to be taught and your
    palm might be the best teacher

  5. kelvin lang says:

    The buckle end is the problem but I’m sick of mainstream media acting like
    all whippings are child abuse technically by definition any form of
    discipline is abuse putting kids in the corner technically is psychological
    and emotional abuse so let’s be real and white people swear they haven’t
    got whippings growing up u see they faces when they hear about them like
    what’s that lol

  6. snpaa says:

    Im imagining this future scenario of Ben having his child screaming
    obscenities at him while ben just stand there with his hands in his
    pockets trying to take a non – threatening demeanor & using a soothing

  7. venuztaurus6ix says:


  8. Snowgoon901 says:

    How can you expect the nigga to be a proper parent when he has like 10 kids
    and 12 baby mamas?

  9. bunda713 says:

    Ben you are a dumbass… No more needs to be said. 

  10. omarsalkamusic says:

    Ben rules.

  11. trolljanhorse says:

    It’s clear the ex-girlfriend or wife, whatever she is, is just trying this
    as a tool to screw over Dwight. She saw what happened to Adrian Peterson
    and since Dwight isn’t having anything to do with her she’s out to ruin his
    reputation. This new information that’s surfaced is most likely just her
    fabricated lies.

  12. Awesome Card Games says:

    Hell yes Dwight Howard is a pussy. What man lets go his sexy hot white
    girlfriend? You’re a bitch for letting her get away!

  13. Montel Bryant says:

    These guys are fucking stupid….Thats how alot of black people were raised
    for dicipline.

  14. jakob clark says:

    Shut the fuck up about Dwight Howard calling him pussy he could beat the
    Shit out of every nba player and possibly every nfl player ever so shut the
    fuck up I’m tired of hearing this shit 

  15. Anon ymous says:

    I wanna see these losers call Howard a pussy in his face, then get them ass
    whipped with a buckle.

  16. NDRonin1401 says:

    Ok, so Howard is despicable. And maybe a pussy …
    then again, 7 foot players refusing to play inside (no matter how good you
    later became as a perimeter shooter) are pussies too!
    And paying off your wife (with diamond rings :p) after rape allegations, so
    she stays with you … also a pussy move!
    Pot and kettle guys …

  17. saleh aljouf says:

    shut the fuck up 

  18. ChimaTheKilla says:

    This is bull. It is not child abuse to physically punish your child. If
    your not injuring your child, spanking the child every few seconds out of
    anger, and/or beating them for long periods of time then it is acceptable.
    Why is everything a problem? I grew up in an area where we were beat as
    child. No one is afraid of their parents. No one is afraid to talk to their
    parents. We just learned quickly that for every action in life there is a
    reaction at a early age.

  19. Gabe trismegistus says:

    you dont know what dwights kid did or said… your telling me if i have 15
    year old son who steals a car or something i shouldnt hit em ?

  20. kbdemonbain says:

    pretty sure kobe called him soft, kevin durant called dwight a pussy kobe
    even commented on what durant said about dwight and said he does not agree
    with that so lol but this is news to me that LaMarcus Aldridge is also
    bashing dwight now

  21. Diegz V says:

    I hate the dude with the glasses he really pisses me off. He’s the epitome
    of what I hate about Americans. 

  22. Trevor R says:

    Ben doesn’t even let him talk and he thinks he’s 100% right all the time

  23. Hector Vargas says:

    Black males are notorious for abusing children. If you want your kids to be
    safe keep them away from blacks.

  24. johnwalen says:

    My mom get beaten be, real bad when she was a kid. That now she doesn’t
    want to beat us. As for Dwight and Adrian, I f you want to discipline your
    kid, why not just spankj the kid with your hands but is a belt buckle and
    stick needed?

  25. justun chan says:

    Two news entertainers trying to be experts on parenting. Nice. 

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