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April 14, 201525 Comments

Learn how to empower kids to end bullying at http://www.kidsinthehouse.com/endbullying At Kids In The House, we realize that one of the biggest concerns facing parents today is helping their…

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  1. Kids In The House says:

    We believe bullying is a crime. Join Kids in the House and empower kids to
    #ENDBULLYING. What can you do to make a change? #EndBullying – Kids In The

  2. Kids In The House says:

    Please share. We have the courage and the power to make a difference.
    Empower kids to #ENDBULLYING: http://bit.ly/1utUVOc 

  3. Hollywood Mom Blog says:

    PSA to #EndBullying from online parenting resource #KidsintheHouse
    #EndBullying -@KidsInTheHouse#JordanBobbitt #LeannaGreene
    #BullyingPreventionMonth #LiveWellBeKind #EndBullying – Kids In The

  4. Millie Malloy says:

    I used to be in this position. And the sad thing is, these kids look so
    young. I was 11 years old when I fell into a severe depression and wanted
    to die. Depression sucks, stop bullying

  5. Kids In The House says:

    Empower our kids to #ENDBULLYING. Please share this important message.

  6. Lois Lee says:

    I’m proud to support this important campaign. #EndBullying

  7. scooperphd says:

    How can you even be so hateful… I mean I am 17 now and I feel bad for
    days when one of my friends makes a dumb joke about someone…

  8. Sue E says:

    And I thought kids were cruel in my generation… the anonymity of the
    internet makes it easier nowadays. It’s heartbreaking :(

  9. Kids In The House says:

    Today begins National Bullying Prevention Month! How do you encourage your
    kids to be kind to others? #EndBullying http://bit.ly/1utUVOc

  10. Thatz Me!!! says:

    This is fake these are actors.My friend is in this and ive been with her
    almostmthe whole elementary and she never got bullied.

  11. Kids In The House says:

    For #UnityDay2014, comment and tag your friends saying something nice about
    them! #EndBullying http://goo.gl/UzP9y4

  12. Inês Gambôa says:

    They are all so beautiful! Just want to hug them and protect them all…. 

  13. Efrain Gonzalez says:

    El futuro de nuestro mundo son los niños, tenemos que educarlos lo mejor
    que podamos. La humanidad necesita unión, paz e igualdad. No juzguemos a
    los demás. 

  14. Marketing Simplicity says:

    Great video covering a strong subject – well done!

  15. Gray Hayes says:

    End bullying today! #bullying #bullyingprevention 

  16. David Corder says:


  17. Matt Stephan says:

    I hate to see this happen to kids. Especially the online stuff, it’s out
    there for the world to see. Very sad.

  18. Terri Robinson says:

    It was really touching to see these poor kids expressing how they are
    getting bullied.

  19. Shayna Grey says:

    Bullying can seem really “normal” and not a big deal to adults who vaguely
    remember it from school. Using the kids in the video was really powerful.
    Hearing their own words along with seeing the awful statistics was very

  20. Alison Malinger says:

    I’ve been in these situations so many times. People are just so cruel. I
    really don’t understand it! They should build people up instead of bringing
    them down. I agree. Bullying needs to stop. Especially online bullying
    because there’s nothing that can be done about online harassment and
    bullying even in the eyes of the law. I know by experience. 

  21. Melvin Graham says:

    I like how this particular video provides a platform for kids to voice
    their situations and feelings about bullying. The video also showcases that
    bullying affects children of all races and genders. As a father of a 11
    year old girl I hope more platforms like this are made available for
    everyone to see. #EndBullying 

  22. Barbara Murray says:

    It breaks my heart to see children doing this to each other…what is more
    concerning, is that we have adult bullies as well. We need to lift each
    other up, not tear each other down. I hope parents will listen to their

  23. Kevin Henderson says:

    good video. Stop bullying folks.

  24. Xx. .em. .xX says:

    at 0:55 thats ben nezbit. hes an amazing person. at least one of the best
    people ive ever met. weve been best friends for a year and half now 🙂 he
    has a song called no giving up about bullying sang with and he is such an
    amazing person. nodbody in this video deserves to get bullied. i used to
    get bullied. my head kicked. thrown to the floor. nobody in this world
    deserves to get bullied 

  25. DiggerNick says:

    The best way to stop bullying is to slit your wrists.

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