Father Detained For Child Abuse

June 1, 201316 Comments

A man in southwest China has been detained over the torture and abuse of his 10-year-old daughter. Police took the man into custody after the young girl told them of the abuse. Child abuse is all over the world and it’s real. Let’s protect our children and stop child abuse.

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  1. Easternodyssey says:

    Poor little girl, the things her dad did to her is horrific, I hope he gets the death penalty.

  2. NeSho DeFrox says:

    This is why I want to be a superhero and fucking kill all of this sick people.

  3. MrJopetrof says:

    he’s the one who need biliard ball with number 13 and stiching his lips latter …how can father do this to his own child ?? why the fuck you bring her to this world if you can’t take care for her ?? sick bastards..where this world goes to??!!…

  4. RoalDeePR says:

    Their own flesh and blood… I imagine how this little feels inside knowing it’s her parents. I hope she is treated differently and peace with her grandparents. The cycle stops here.

  5. Riste Kostadinov says:

    Kill that psycho. Damn, just if i was able to go Super Sayian…

  6. Energizer1361 says:

    I kinda feel bad for the father because he didn’t know what to do so he hurt her.

  7. Freya Kennan says:

    What I geuss you do child abuse Energizer1361

  8. wildone6677 says:

    wtf. u feel sorry for the dumb ass father? r u crazy? wtf is wrong with u? nobody should feel sorry for is sorry ass. I hope and pray he gets beat and raped and tortured every day of his sorry ass life until the day he dies. he makes me sick and so does the little girls mother.

  9. wildone6677 says:

    I just need 5 MINS alone with the messed up father and mother. Bless that little girls heart and I’m so glad she will never have to go though that abuse again..

  10. MGnFF224 says:

    Wildone6677 … let’s go find them together.  This gains do often it’s so horrible. It’s just sickening

  11. omgyoselinne says:

    Poor girl.

  12. Athena Stella says:

    how and why did he beat her?

  13. Ashley wegman says:

    we don’t fucking know dumbass its called bad men are fucking horrible

  14. Ashley wegman says:

    and how? you really want to know how he beared her? you should care about the child not how he beated her “beat” means hitting kicking or just other abuses

  15. Ashley wegman says:


  16. Emily Herobrine says:

    Im in too may I come??

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