Father Sets Up Predator That Tried To Lure His Teen Daughter For Sex

July 31, 201325 Comments

This is a great video was sent to me by an associate. Fox 2 news in Detroit reports that a father set up a sex sting operation on a child predator who tried to have sex with his daughter.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. hirash tisane says:

    concidering i would have kill the guy out right then handed the paper work over to the police

  2. Baby Shooge says:

    you look tired Mr Phil..you need a good night sleep.

  3. mella hugbear says:

    good for him

  4. kuruptvvv says:

    Time to be tortured shit they gon put lipstick and glitter on this fool

  5. kuruptvvv says:

    Spray him wit some perfume and throw him in the pit

  6. ArtOfTreasury111 says:

    Catching predators should be a legit job. Someone has to at least decrease this if they can’t stop it.

  7. Daniel Arnote says:

    ok mr BLACK MAN gez what are u a racist?

  8. sandrasnugget says:

    What a good service this father bravely did to protect his daughter and his community. I don’t understand why people think black men are bad fathers. I’m white and the father of my 2 nephews us black and he is an outstanding father. I wish racism would dissolve and fade away, but unfortunately i doubt it ever will. We are all God’s children. I enjoy your channel and i am proud of this father.

  9. EaglesFanatic92 says:

    Why pull out the race card

  10. shaman tlaloc says:

    too risky he could have a gun

  11. UnknownAbsolute says:

    Awesome DAD

  12. KILLASIN2012 says:

    He will be out in a day or so! The system doesn’t care about women & kids….

  13. ObvoiusCaptain CaptainObvious says:

    Year of the Father!

  14. Cheyenne Johnston says:

    Amazing father that little girl is so blessed to have such a great dad.

  15. Ebony English says:

    More Dad’s should protect their families like this Dad did.

  16. Blueviolet Indigo says:

    good vid

  17. Spyparent says:

    Facebook Stings work!

  18. DoomCity202 says:

    I have been fucking since i was 4 years old.

    So i fucked little girls before….but i was a little boy….thats different.
    I fucked one (3rd grade) down the street & her father caught me. Ive seen
    this nigga everyday of my life. he has never spoke to me since the day he
    caught me fucking his little angel. I could fuck her now if i wanted to & she
    is married. Id fuck her in the same place he caught me…. on the side of
    their house standing up doggy steps leading to the basement. Smashed!!!

  19. Barbiana Washington says:

    why do all these predators have that thirst look and nobody grows suspicious? i would never allow someone that looked like him on the same block as us let alone let his coffee cake faced ass mentor my kids. wake up parents – stop being so trusting and accepting of ANYONE, creepy family members included! be active in the real world just as much as the cyber world. new parenting sucks, lacks & enables.

  20. Domingo Huerta cx says:

    Thats Ice Cream Truck Thoe Lol

  21. THEgrant leach says:

    LMAO @ 2:47, talk about irony

  22. bklynAtrain says:

    Great video!

  23. Johannesburg777 says:

    Much kudos to this concerned and very loving father! I especially am glad to see this as I get the feeling that there are probably a lot of black kids who have been victims of such sexual crimes, but that this isn’t brought to the attention by the media much because of the fact they are not white.

  24. theoneheretosty says:

    This is why fathers are important, well done.

  25. Brian Teeter says:

    @doomcity202 that is literally impossible to fuck when 4, you literally can’t because you don’t have semen, that is literally the stupidest thing ever to say.

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