Florida Sheriff Under Fire for Entrapping Men in Sexual Predator Sting!

May 5, 201522 Comments

DJ Akademiks speaks on a Florida Sheriff that is under fire for entrapping men in a sexual predator sting. Like my Page http://www.facebook.com/iamakademiks Check out DJ Akademiks Backup …

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  1. Dwyane Wade says:

    Cops always cockblocking

  2. Mac Colored-Conscious says:

    Cops…smh these fools even arresting niggas with blue balls.

  3. lasti brown says:

    Dj is very good on updates. Good entertainer

  4. jugg man crp says:

    Florida Sheriff Under Fire for Entrapping Men in …:

  5. ITS187MOB says:

    Cops are still destroying lives

  6. ANTONIO COHEN says:

    I’m from Polk county this goes down all the time

  7. Remington White says:

    Fuck 12

  8. Patrick Luckett says:

    Im out

  9. sheek1982 says:

    All entrapment cases should be thrown out of court. I really don’t
    understand how it could be legal to ENTICE people into committing crimes.

  10. Yawcito's Way says:

    They should be able to sue for a hell of a lot of money in regards to
    defamation, or some sort of emotional distress…. That shit is fucked up

  11. Pegasus Meteor Fist says:

    You still linking black people to these crimes and all you where showing
    were white people. Secondly why are you defending them? Internet dating
    ain’t shit. Get up off your ass and go talk to some women face to face.
    That way both people see what they are getting and shit like this can’t
    happen. If you rely on the internet to get a date then you deserve to be

  12. chris lane says:

    bro your so funny!!!

  13. Michael Bidek says:

    Imagine taken viagra nd u get arrested …… someone in prison is surely
    getting raped 

  14. Garion Bush says:

    Da laws stay taking L’s

  15. PlayaMadeMex says:

    I live in polk county

  16. Mikey T says:

    “Hey, Sorry I lied about being 30, im 17, still want to fuck?” “Hell yeah!”

  17. Trev Highland says:

    this is y Florida is the Most corrupt state Lmao

  18. battlefielding says:

    I love loose bitches. I like my vagina lips like elephant ears. hmmm

  19. Jay Nis says:

    Its a all out war on citizen of america n we dont even know it

  20. ZoeNigga863 says:

    Wow fuck Grady

  21. Talkn Stang says:

    this is a serious problem not just in Florida, but the entire country. The
    federal ICAC program which is heavily funded by the DOJ is absolute
    garbage. It’s good to know that people are catching on.

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