Happy to Be Me: An Anti-bullying Discussion: The Child’s Perspective

October 2, 201312 Comments

Dr. Rosemarie Truglio, Vice President of Education and Research at Sesame Workshop, brings in some of her friends from Sesame Street to provide the child’s perspective when dealing with bullying. Big Bird, Rosita and Blue Jay ask questions about this difficult topic, and appropriate responses are modeled.

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  1. 1987jwood says:

    If you let your kid stand up for themselfs they won’t get bullied !

  2. Steve Chin says:

    You are going to let your under-developed adolescence decide how to retaliate for him/herself. Your views on parenting are as well developed as your grammar and spelling. 

  3. FrustratedBaboon says:

    how ? please elborate.

  4. manlikebieber says:


  5. Psyclonus says:

    The audio on this is all over the place.

  6. daniyellowjello says:

    Words like tattle-tale are just words bullies use to misguide victims from speaking out, to keep victims feeling guilty about wanting whats best for them.

  7. mrssewingbug says:

    I disagree with most of these comments because I did get bullied in grade, middle and high school even though I stood up to them even tried to ignore them

  8. joetri10 says:

    No… When your bullied its not best to go to an adult.. -_-.. You dont fight back, you stand strong back, you show thoe bullies who you are, you show them someone they dont see.. If they continue to knock you down, you have to try and simply talk to them when you can… if they stil knock you down, its best to get help yes, but for the love of god, dont get a parent or a teacher involed.. Police are often the best. if you go to someone who cant do anything, you only set yourself up worse. -.-

  9. shea jones says:

    Big bird you’re amazing.. Just the way you aree…. <3

  10. TheGroomedKitten says:

    3:09 way to hit your microphone lol

  11. Nellie K. Adaba says:

    great discussion

  12. JeremiahsFiles says:

    I like you the way you are Big Bird

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