He’s Autistic; He Deserved It Say Parents Of Bullies

May 4, 201525 Comments

The parents of students accused of punching and teasing an autistic boy before putting the videos online have defended their children’s actions. Levi Null, 13, has Asperger syndrome, a form…

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  1. Cojultad says:

    There is nothing scientific about social norms which is why autism isn’t
    real. Normality is made up of the current majority and nothing about that
    is objective. So in other words a non-conformist is bullied for not

  2. TheChibiFangirl says:

    This is why I got pulled out of public school…because I’m autistic.
    Thanks, public school, now I have PTSD.

  3. SaySay Lona says:

    I have Autisim. I have wished since I knew what it was and what it did to
    me that I didn’t. People see people with Downs Syndrome, and think/say “Oh
    my god you’re so beautiful/handsome/cute and I love you and you’re so
    special” and all that (I’m not saying anything mean, I’m just making a
    point that most people pretend to love more “special” people just to look
    like a good person). Then they see somebody with Autisim and SAY “Freak.”
    We don’t react the way a “normal” person would, we don’t know when to stop,
    we obsess over tiny things, we have fits, we have trouble making or keeping
    friends and we don’t know how to express our feelings. We keep to
    ourselves. Usually people with Autisim (on the higher spectrum, such as
    Aspergers, which I have) are the smartest idiots you’ll ever meet. We are
    highly intelligent but we don’t make good choices.

    We have a really hard time doing everything. EVERYTHING. Bullies don’t help
    with that.

  4. xXxMinecraftGamerBoy57xXx says:

    God says if he/she not normal,he/she will permenantly in the heaven.


  5. Sunny-D Curles says:

    This really ticks me off!!! I hate the parents who make excuses for
    bullying when it’s wrong!!! Also, Autism is real and someone in the
    comments said it isn’t!!! Social norms are an art, not a science!!! Autism
    is real, no matter how much you like to think it isn’t!! STOP saying that
    Autism is not real!!! You should except people who have this very real
    brain disorder!! How can people be this ignorant!? I am not perfect and
    don’t expect you to be! There are unwritten rules about how to act that we
    have to learn ourselves!! Have a nice day!!!

  6. Lily T says:

    I think violence is rarely the answer, but what are kids supposed to do
    when an autistic kid is calling them names all day? Is the autistic kid not
    a bully just because we have diagnosis saying that that’s who he is? Should
    psychopaths be allowed to be bullies because they are diagnosed as
    “callous-unemotional”? If this kid is actually making other kids’ lives
    miserable, I can see why some adults are conflicted. We aren’t given much
    information in this video, but if say my kid was being verbally bullied by
    another child, autistic, psychopath or whatever, I’d be pissed off if my
    kid was the one demonized for sticking up for himself once or twice.

    I’d need more information in order to discipline either or both children,
    of course. Kids can’t just get away with name calling and punching each
    other. Even autistic kids need to be taught respectful behaviors and
    problem solving for life. No one should get a free pass to be a jerk.

  7. Kevin Mathieu says:

    The title says it all hes autistic he deserved it anyway

  8. 2MCHswagger says:

    I’m gonna tell you about a kid in my grade who has autism.
    He is fucking crazy. We forget too say hi too him in the morning he tries
    too strangle and bite us.
    If we say anything he disagrees with he tries to strangle and bite us.
    He screams in the middle of class all the time and when the teachers tell
    him too stop he tries too. Can you guess it? YES! He tries too strangle and
    bite the teachers.
    He is fucking crazy and I’m not afraid of calling him a freak or an animal.
    I see some intelligent comments here from people who claim they have autism
    so maybe the fuckboy in my grade has some sort of level of autism.
    I hate him and I am afraid everyday when I go too school that he will ruin
    my school day and hinder me from learning anything. I had good grades last
    year and now in the classes that he has joined those grades have decreased
    I don’t understand why he is allowed at my school please fucking for me
    hope on life because this animal is ruining our whole fucking school.

  9. Bonnie The Bunny says:

    (Only fnaf players would understand) I WILL STUFF THESE PARENTS IN SUITS,

  10. Luther Barrett says:

    This is probably gonna make me sound like and asshole, but whatever.
    If someone was calling me nasty names, autistic or not, I’d hit them too.

  11. Nathan Stoddard says:

    And people were surprised when schools were getting shot up <.<

  12. SgtAlex Green says:

    Well, the kid didn’t have it coming, but maybe the problem is with where
    the kid is, a autistic kid would never go in a normal class in Denmark,
    never! That would be against the law, they need to go in a special class
    with other kids that has issues where there is maybe 3 teachers for 10
    kids, because that is what is needed.

  13. ThePersuasiveParrot says:

    A lot of autistic people I have met have been assholes. I don’t care if
    they act differently because of their mental skill I should not have to
    make exceptions of being nice to someone being an asshole to me. If
    someone is rude to me I’m not just going to put up with it. Ill tell him
    to fuck off. Life doesn’t revolve around special needs.

  14. RangerRivet says:

    Autistic or not, if the kid started it he got what was coming to him.

  15. Satan says:

    Autistic people do retarded shit and talk random crap, I beat the shit
    outta a Autistic fat fuck just last yr in highschool for talking shit.

  16. DasSpiderMonkey says:

    the parents are breeders of bullys. you kill the parents, you kill their
    offspring. Problem solved, knock out and burn the hive

  17. SouthCalifas619 says:

    I have aspergers and ironic i once knew a bully with aspergers that would
    pick on kids and take their food and stuff and would beat them up and lock
    kids in the bathroom etc etc. 

  18. hunnykun101 says:

    …excuse me? he has a metal disabuildly, he was bullied by it and the
    bullied parents said he DESERVED it!?!?
    There are people who are parents who tried to do well with their kids,
    raise them past knowledge around and make sure they have a good life.
    And there are people who are parents DON’T DESERVED TO BE PARENTS!! These
    people are them.
    Making excuse of bullying either shows that you don’t want to believe your
    child is doing it or they know their in trouble and want to avoid it.
    I don’t care if you have a busy life, I don’t care if something is
    happening in your house hold or with other family members, YOUR kid is
    picking on someone, NO MATTER if they have a mental disabuildty or not and
    they should be PUNISH!!
    Bulling is and always WRONG!! 

  19. Sachiko Gomez says:

    His name is Levi. I respect him for (also) having the same name of a
    badass, awesome anime character.

  20. Matthew L. Saunders says:

    These parents were probably bullies themselves when they were kids, and
    they’ve continued to be bullies into adulthood. No wonder their children
    have continued this pattern of behavior. Seriously some people shouldn’t be
    allowed to have children.

  21. Summer says:

    @god let this world burn. 

  22. Brandon Overton says:

    ive been beaten by a teacher choked for a minute ganged up on left out of
    everything the other kids were doing my friends get bullied i kick the
    bully’s asses i get shit for that kicked the shit out of all in the same
    school oh yah and ive been to 7-9 schools cuzz ive been kicked/bullied out
    of them and i get in trouble whenever i fight back-i have aspergers/bypolar
    its not as bad now but still goes on and you know what i want to be treated
    normaly at the beggining of this video the guys says to tell there kids
    that this other kid basicly has a problem if that kid is anything like me
    i bet he just wanted to be treated normaly im in 9th grade now and that
    still isnt happening so thats my life oh yah and whenever i see a friend
    getting bullied i get sooo fucking pissed off that i go and kick his ass

  23. firekid88000 says:

    Typical dumbass ignorance theses parents and staff need to get there ass

  24. Tyler Jaclyn says:

    As an aspie myself watching this, I have experienced first-hand
    misunderstanding, or ignorance when people didn’t know I was autistic.

  25. billybassman21 says:

    ASSburgers syndrome. The parents may have a point. If the kid is being a
    little shit, autistic or not and little bullying might do him some good.

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