How the Anti-Bully Movement is Hurting Kids: An Interview with Bully Nation’s Susan Porter

April 11, 201325 Comments

“I’m not saying they shouldn’t have consequences but these laws often reach down to a child of age six, five. I mean it’s incredible,” says Susan Porter.

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. OmegaRage says:

    0:13. Oh, hello there.

  2. Marenalm6 says:

    Everyone, teach your kids non aggression.

  3. novazee says:

    Yeah.. we need bullies in schools. They are doing an essential job of teaching other kids how to stand up or react to being bullies. If you have never been bullied, you never grow up into an adult. Makes perfect fucking sense.

  4. myleft nut says:


  5. novazee says:

    Yeah.. we should call our kids retards and stupid when they fail test or don’t do well in school. That’ll teach em..

  6. SuperSneakySteve says:

    I’d let Tracy bully my balls for a bit.

  7. theelephanttaco says:

    may i ask why?

  8. AZ DONALD says:


  9. danbuck333 says:

    Theres nothing wrong with aggression… just has a time and place

  10. shadowromeo22 says:

    Teach kids how to defend themselves against bullying, don’t teach them how to be victims, that will make matters worst.

  11. ilikemitchhedberg says:

    I think the point Scrappmutt2 makes is a good one. We keep trying to take sanitize our children’s environments and remove all ‘bad’ things from it. That approach is brilliant if and only if the child will spend the rest of his or her life in a sanitized world devoid of challenge and enemies.
    Well I got bad news for you. ‘Bullies,’ or whatever you want to label them, exist all throughout adulthood. I’ve learned the ‘hard way’ [I.E. the easy way] to stand up for myself.

  12. jjmdirector says:

    Chris Rock “Trench Coat Mafia, I saw the picture there were 6 of them. That’s 3 on 3 with a half court… I didn’t have 6 friends in school, Shit I don’t have 6 friends now!”

  13. karozans says:

    That’s why these laws are created. Children that are coddled until adulthood become dependant on the government until the day they die.

    Slavery without the chains.

  14. TheLoudmouthJerk says:

    fuck you

  15. novazee says:

    Yeah, bullies exist throughout adulthood. Do you know what we do with them? We sue them and put them in jail for assaults.

  16. novazee says:

    I don’t know what else you’d call them but I’d call them bullies when you push someone out of the lunch line, shoved someone onto the floor in the hall, knock down someone’s lunch tray or snatch someone’s backpack and throw it in the garbage can.

  17. 80sVidLover says:

    Kinda like not keeping score anymore so no child feels like a loser……

  18. 80sVidLover says:

    Hillary’s “cradle-to-grave” nanny-state on the march!!!  Forward, Comrades!!!

  19. LiberalH8er1 says:

    Way I dealt with my bully was to crack his skull on the pavement. No one fucked with me after that. Violence does solve problems

  20. EchosFromaBlankMind says:

    I do not agree with what “Bullies” do, but we also need to look at why that kid is acting like he/she is. Sometimes just speaking to them is enough, while other times different tactics are needed to show how the person that they mistreated feels. We try to have all the kids at the same level in school, but mother nature does not work that way, we all develop differently, and I think this regimentation is more of a problem. We need to recognize the types of children we are dealing with first.

  21. adventuretime77 says:

    Hi Ms. Oppenheimer, I’m bullied, please come and give me an interview?

  22. nonosh says:

    I experienced bullying, and the bullies were assholes. The problem was that my high school would punish (suspend or expel) the victim along with the bully if a physical fight were to come up. Fucking counterproductive Catholic school. Luckily, unlike some other victims, I had mental stability and took pride in my love for computers and guitar-playing skills.

  23. quisqueyatv says:

    Schools= re-education camps.

  24. Isaacs1975 says:

    Probably so, and yet, in such an advanced western country, the US is filled with highly intelligent and intellectual people to have a zero tolerance law that could be applied to a 5 year old seems much more than just hysteria. How do people allow such things, if it happened in my country I would be in the streets and very much not alone…

  25. zacksmovies says:

    It’s true that labeling the kids isn’t helpful (whether the label be “bully” or “victim”), but neither are things like mediation or pretending that suffering wrongdoing is some sort of helpful tool to teach resilience.

    The answer is to focus on the acts of wrongdoing, and making sure that there are external pressures which cause the people who commit those acts to VERY strongly regret it, if the internal pressure of conscience isn’t sufficient. And it doesn’t matter how either side likes it.

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