How to Protect Children from Kidnappers

April 19, 201525 Comments

Watch more Children’s Health & Safety videos: It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. Make sure you and your kids are street…

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. camee billy says:

    Step 1 : Kick them in the ass
    Step 2 : tell ur mom to put a name tag on u saying Chuck Norris here
    Step 3 : give ur child steroids
    Step 4 : give ur child a gun or knife
    Step 5 : Sit back and relax 

  2. Cleo Singleton says:

    @00:33 The kids like “Bitch I know what you’re doing.”

  3. Lenny Shotgun says:

    The tip before step four doesn’t make sence

  4. Kleo3392 says:

    Lol the one about not helping strangers. “Hey kid, please call 911 I just
    got run over” Kid: “MOLESTEEER!!!” *rubs away*

  5. Sassygamergal says:

    This is why I want a knife with me , lol

  6. austin angler says:

    I’ll tear his neck out if someone attacks me!

  7. MrOTBxTrains says:

    ima give my kid a knife and teach him how to use it when he’s young

  8. HammyViewer Budgie29 says:

    Lol you don’t wanna see me angry do you?

  9. Nathan Hart says:

    Step 1: give them a knife. step 2: Tell your kids If It Isn’t mom or dad
    stab them In the neck. 

  10. JR4i says:

    Step one: fuck children
    Did you know: I’m going to hell

  11. ObnoxiousAgnostic says:

    this is when having a fat kid comes in handy.

  12. LPSMintChocolateChip says:

    I agree with the family code word.

  13. Matthew E says:


  14. Fluffiunicorns says:

    We’ll if a kidnapper is watching this it’s great help….

  15. Jayna Kamstra says:

    That is scary

  16. MonkeyFaceLover39 says:

    I walk home from school and I always have pepper spray in my school bag

  17. Matt Lindhom says:

    I agree on carrying a pocket knife with you.

  18. favirockmist 1 says:

    )’: but but but I want danger without having to take blame

  19. Michael Manza says:

    Ayyy the abductor is Jaromir Jagr from the NJ Devils!!!

  20. Demarra Spicer says:

    Better yet buy an expandable baton cause if someones following you around
    in like a car, you can easily smash out their windows, and leave them in a
    seat full of glass and your attacker is probably gonna get cut, besides
    their simple, intimidating, strong, and they come in different sizes

  21. Demarra Spicer says:

    And nothing to worry about kidnappers watching this or reading the comments
    because their are lots of good people out there, who will witness what is
    happening, not everyone is a bad person

  22. LPS EARTH CRAFTS says:


  23. Jennifer Kerins says:

    Good advice

  24. miguel garcia says:

    I will ran fast as I can and hit him or she

  25. itsyaboybob says:

    I’m 15 and carry a pair of 3.75in “Combat/mini-boot” knives everywhere I go

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