How To Protect Your Children From Negative Media Influences 1

April 23, 201516 Comments

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Calvin Gipson is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for children in Southern California. He brings you the finest news articles and videos to help you protect your children. He is married and has two young boys.

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  1. Lenon Honor says:

    Join My wife and I for our live video stream. We will be talking about how
    we protect our children from media manipulation

  2. packleader1215 says:

    I’m so happy that my generation class (90s’ kids) are the last class that
    actually played outside. We first got a computer to learn from CD ROMs.
    Remember them, ya’ll? :)

  3. packleader1215 says:

    44:37 Somebody’s peeking through the door, Lenon

  4. Pevebra1 says:

    I really enjoyed this video…thank you.

  5. Pevebra1 says:

    Also Happy Birthday!

  6. Heartistic Fanm says:

    Hello Ayida and Lenon! Wow, I wanted to say thank you for this video
    response and the time you allow to it! I had a lot of questions in one
    comment and I hope it’s not too much asking. I didn’t expect an entire
    video for my questions, let alone 2! Part 1 is already giving me a great
    insight of what you do, and there’s a part 2 coming… Thank you!!
    I’ll watch the archive, because the live time is a bit too late for me in
    Europe! And sorry for any english mistakes, english is not my native
    Looking forward to next monday! 🙂
    Peace and blessings

  7. dreads russell says:

    I do not have children but this video was very informative thanks

  8. Sir Drae says:

    AWESOME video!!! Im sharing this with as many parents i can. #love #peace

  9. gray matter says:

    Just the fact that there are “bronies,” tells me that there must be
    something wrong with that cartoon. And by “bronies” I mean grown adult male
    My Little Pony fans. Much like Lagy Gaga and her/his male following.

  10. Lenon Honor says:

    How to keep your children safe from negative media influences?

  11. Ashley G says:

    How To Protect Your Children From Negative Media …:

  12. Alice Itty says:

    Great video, Ayida and Lenon! Speaking of Two Live Crew, Wreks-N-Effect was
    another one.

  13. 49jubilee says:

    we blacks have been GOING DOWNHILL,, SINCE THE LATE 1970s!!
    because of the c/RAP MUSIC.. its best to have them listen to the 50s and
    60s stuff or even GOSPEL…

  14. 49jubilee says:

    kids are better off climbing TREES and breaking a bone than to GET A

  15. 49jubilee says:

    this could keep your kids from being confused sexually.. WHAT THEY WATCH..
    since we are having MORE KIDS that are TRANSGENDER even in the single

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