How To Protect Your Children – Safety Education Should Be Like A Fire Drill

February 10, 20140 Comments

Children growing up in today’s world need to gain a sense of personal safety and security. Almost every day there is another story of a missing child. There are so many assaults on our sense of security that we are tempted to believe that being defensive and fearful is the right choice after all.

With everything that could happen shouldn’t we keep ourselves always on guard? But we also have to think again how terrible it would be to live in constant anxiety. Always living in fear is much worse than many of the minor traumas we may eventually have to face. And so, we want to give our children a sense of security in what is undeniably and insecure world.

Fortunately, our children do not have to hide at home to be secure. It is possible to live with an awareness of the crime and danger around us without becoming fearful or paranoid. What we need to do is teach our children to take responsible precautions. At times it may be difficult for us to be good role models. We must modify some of our habits.

How To Protect Your Children

We should not walk alone on deserted streets, or be out alone late at night. We should not give rides to hitchhikers or strangers or let strangers into our homes. Our children pay attention to our actions. Our actions speak so loud they may not hear what we say. It is not only our children, but also all of us that must live with these preventative measures. Safety education is part of every parent’s responsibility. The best protection we can give our children is to educate them on how to recognize dangerous situations or potentially dangerous people. We must also teach them how to avoid those situations and how to react in the safest manor.

Think of teaching about safety as you do about fire drills. In school, children are trained, when a fire alarm sounds, to get in line, and walk calmly about of the building. Fire drills are practiced regularly there is no need to frighten children by telling them all the gory details about what could happen, such as burning to death or suffocating from the smoke. The point of education on stranger safety is that the danger can be avoided. No one objects to fire drills on the grounds it may scare children. In all safety talks we must emphasize what children should do to protect themselves, never the bad things that could happen to them.

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