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The Child Shield U.S.A. education is the only missing child prevention program in the country proven to work. Programs such as ID cards, fingerprint cards, DNA kits, dental impression kits, stranger danger programs, Amber Alert, video programs, GPS tracking devises, computer storage of your child’s information and numerous other child safety programs have no proof what-so-ever that they will keep your child safe. As a matter of fact, some of these things may actually contribute to the problem.

Parents participate in these programs thinking; “now my child is safe”, not realizing they are no more safe than before. Fingerprint programs are the biggest offender. We hear constantly “My child is safe I have a fingerprint/ID card”. Unfortunately, these do nothing to keep a child safe and little if anything to help recover a missing child. Sadly they are pretty much “worthless” unless you have the body you’re trying to identify. Again, Child Shield U.S.A. has the only “proven” missing child prevention program in the country.

We also have over 20 years of statistics to back it up. According to the National Center for missing and exploited children, if you take 1 million children in the general public of the United States, 10,000 of them will be reported missing this year. Since 1990 child shield U.S.A. has marketed over 1 million of their child safety kits and to date has had only 3 reported missing. (All recovered safely) Which group do you want your child in? The child shield U.S.A. kit comes with the initial prevention program and also includes a monthly subscription to “The Shield” child safety newsletter.

Each month we cover a different subject. It gives the opportunity and a reminder to talk with your child on a monthly basis. We have the only ongoing, educational program of this kind. By educating yourself with our program you can have some peace of mind knowing you have taken the only step proven to work on this problem.

Furthermore, our emergency response benefits are also exclusive. There is no other company or law enforcement organization that dose what we do if your child is missing. We immediately post a reward of $50,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for abducting a registered child. You can imagine how much more the general public will “Stand up and take notice” with a substantial reward offered. All it could take is one good tip to recover a missing child.

We also hire a private Investigator, in your area, at our cost, to help in the recovery. With the network of over 3,500 Investigators across the country, we can have one on the scene quickly. Most law enforcement detectives have numerous cases going at any given time. The only case we pay the Private Investigator for, is to find your child.

Our program empowers you the parent, with these resources. You don’t have to depend on just your local law enforcement Child Shield U.S.A. also makes full-color posters and video duplicated and then wondering, how and where to send them. All of these emergency response benefits are provided with no extra cost. All of your children can be protected with all of these benefits for less than .50 per day. Isn’t your child worth it?

P.S. As a parent, it’s quite natural to worry over the safety of your child. But at the same time, it’s crucial to ensure that your child’s safety is guaranteed. Click here if you want a guaranteed way to protect your children from predators.

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